The following links are not affilitate links, they're sites that I feel are useful and/or interesting and may be helpful for you!

Paths to the Air Force (Enlisted and Officer)
Historical Interest
Considering Enlistment?
  • ASVAB Prep on - has a great section for ASVAB preparation including three short tests and three full length tests, as well as strategies and test-taking tips.
BMT Info for Prospective Trainees
  • WOT Breakdown - The AF Reserve page has a great schedule broken down by each WOT (Week of Training) of what you'll learn at BMT.
BMT Family Resources
Education Resources
  • CCAF Degree Programs - Valid for 2011 through 2013, this website lists AFSCs in alphabetical/numerical order.  Click on a link and you can read about the CCAF degree program related to your AFSC.


Brittany Vargas said...

Hi there Erin! My Name is Brittany, I'm 21 years old & I'm looking into joining the USAF. I have fallen absolutely in love with your blog & i was hoping to get some advice! I'm planning on enlisting at the end of the year, but i do have a family of my own already.. I'm basically worried that my son will think I'm leaving him on purpose, & i don't want him think of it that way. He is only 3 yrs old, but still.
Also, I'm looking into jobs & I'm not sure what to go into. I want something that will be best for my son, husband, & myself. Please help if you can! I would greatly appreciate it!! Thank you so much!

Erin said...

@Brittany Vargas - Congratulations to you on your decision to enlist! I can't speak with any experience as to relaying the purpose to children, but there's tons of resources out there that might be helping (despite being geared toward deployment). I think coming at it from a team perspective with your husband is going to be a best bet. Involving your son in writing letters while you're gone, or getting him a daddy doll ( might be helpful too! As for jobs, have you taken your ASVAB yet? Figure out what's available for you first, and then it might be a good idea to select either a high interest career for you, or one that will translate over to the civilian world. Those are your best bets. Good luck to you!

958d6690-9d7d-11e2-a691-000bcdcb5194 said...

Hi Erin! Thank you for your service. My situation is very similar to Brittany Vargas. I take care of my 3 yr old nephew. I recently just recieved custody of him after a long year of court proceedings. I am worried how he will deal with me being gone so long but I know he will be fine with my partner and her family. My main question is what is your opinion on the strict tattoo policy? I have read numerous articles and couldn't get a straight answer on the band. I have my right shoulder sleeved as well as the inside of my left shoulder. Nothing below the fore arm. My tattoo's are strictly decent nothing that is distastefull. I have a portriat of my brother my nephew's father on my right shoulder as well as a recent fallen hero's tattoo dedicated to his 3 yr passing and after recieving custody of my nephew I put a portriat of my nephew on the inside of my left shoulder. Please if you can give me your input. I will be very grateful

Erin said...

@958d6690-9d7d-11e2-a691-000bcdcb5194 - The best thing to check out AFI 36-2903, which has the tattoo regulations in it. Good luck to you! Was your recruiter not helpful in telling you what the rules are?

958d6690-9d7d-11e2-a691-000bcdcb5194 said...

I've applyed online to join and gone to my local recruiting office's and both are perminately closed. The closest recruiting office is two hours away. So i'm kinda in a sticky situation. You are an insperation. I want to do something great like what you have done. I did contact the recruiting office that is 2 hours away and sent pictures via email. I'm hoping to hear from them soon. I did talk with an Army recruiter and qualified but deep down my heart is in the Airforce.

958d6690-9d7d-11e2-a691-000bcdcb5194 said...

My username is desmrqz can't change the darn thing

Erin said...

@desmrqz - Thank you! Keep at it, talking to the nearest recruiter. Two hours is quite a ways, but they normally have a radius they work within, so they SHOULD be able to meet you somewhere. Goo dluck to you, keep persisting with your AF dream!

Dawn Heck said...

Hi Erin. Thank you for your service and for your dedication with offering great guidance for female recruites! My daughter ships May 6, 2014. We are running into difficulty with her for sports bras. She is well endowed (size D). Is the color requirement still white only? We found under armour black ones that are very supportive, but will not fold as nicely due to the support structure. She cannot get away with the inexpensive versions because of lack of support when she runs. Any advice and/or information is sincerely appreciated.

ashadoff said...

Hi Erin. Thanks for all the great information. I'm just looking for your opinion having been both enlisted and moving into officer training. I'm in Washington and am looking at the air national guard and have the option of entering enlisted or trying for an officer spot right off the bat. What is your opinion? Thanks!

Erin said...

@ashadoff - If you can try for a spot off the bat, go for it! That opportunity was presented to me as being non-existent when I went in, but I made the most of it and loved the experience. For me, I was able to build that foundation as an enlisted troop and better understand those I now lead. It was very grounding for me, and I am thankful that I had both experiences. Consider your goals and your timeline. You can always try for the direct commission and enlist if it doesn't work out. Good luck to you!