Saturday, July 26, 2014

Finding OTS PEP

If you're not following CMSgt Juan "The Fired Up Chief" Lewis on Facebook, you need to be.  I wasn't blessed to have been at BMT when he was part of the leadership team, but his legacy lives on in his retirement years as he visits trainees and inspires others with his infectious PEP.  Pride, Enthusiasm, and Passion (PEP) are what drive this leader, who is known to treat everyone with the respect they deserve as heroes.  My MTI mentor speaks of Chief Lewis fondly, and that is a nod of approval that I can back without questioning.  This Airman was Aiming High before the Air Force conceived that phrase for a future motto.  Enlisted or officer, everyone can learn from this leader and the impact that he has on others.

I happened to catch this graphic on his page today.  It's a Hero Card that he sends to Airmen in need of encouragement.  I love the accountability of being held to achieve my goals, not only by another person but by self-identifying a deadline.


He also had this message today: "Quit worrying about failing and start believing in achieving.  If you change the way you think, you increase the goals you accomplish."

Today I thought about my own five goals, and I am sharing them with you as I build myself up in preparation for the task at hand.

I certify I will accomplish all five goals listed below before 10 October 2014:
  1. Make a difference in a wingman's journey.  Whether it be a non-prior in need of some guidance and motivation as they adapt to the military lifestyle or a prior needing a reminder of our goal, I hope to make a difference, even if just a small one, in the journey of a wingman on their way to commissioning.
  2. Commission as a Second Lieutenant in the United States Air Force.  This goes without saying.  As I told Aunie, I am not leaving my daughter to fail.
  3. Score a 90 or higher on my PT test.  Other than my postpartum PT test, I have a track record of scoring in the 90s that I intend to keep.
  4. Assume a leadership role in my flight.  In the second half of OTS, flight leaders are chosen that mimic the chain of command in the "real" Air Force (e.g. OT Colonel).  I would like to be placed in a leadership role where I can utilize my talents and skills.
  5. Achieve distinction of some sort while at OTS.  There are a number of awards at the end of OTS.  While it would be amazing to have one similar to mine from BMT, I will not set that as my goal without knowing what I'm getting myself into yet.  ;)
I might even throw out a bonus #6 - I would love to earn my marksmanship ribbon, and redeem myself from my BMT experience.  During OTS we shoot the M9 pistol, so we'll see if I fare better on that weapon.

What about you?  What goals are you setting for yourself?