Wednesday, January 29, 2014

17 Jan 14 Uniform Updates!

Future Airman Aunie of Aunie Sauce recently contacted me about the changes to 36-2903 and how that would affect her down at BMT.  Say what?  She beat me to it!  Thanks to Aunie for holding me accountable!  

What am I talking about?  Well, Air Force Instruction (AFI) 36-2903, Dress and Personal Appearance of AF Personnel, was updated on 17 January 2014 and includes changes that may affect you at BMT!  Take it from me and do yourselves a favor - download AFI 36-2903 to your iPad or tablet of your preference for easy reference.  Sounds super moto/geeky, but it's worth it.  When I'm putting together my uniform for a blues inspection or a formal event, it makes it really easy to pull it up on my iPad while I'm using my ruler to perfectly align my ribbon rack.  Get in the habit of getting really, really picky about how perfect you look in uniform.  Trust me, it'll serve you well for years to come.  

Anyway, let's get to it!  I'm only highlighting the biggest changes that could affect you while at BMT and tech school.  **Please keep in mind that training environments tend to be more strict than in the operational Air Force.**  You may be held to higher standards by your MTI or squadron commander. Once you get to tech school, the rules lighten up a bit, and you'll really get to live these rules (and new freedoms) once you're permanent party.

Physical Training Uniform (PTU) Footwear

7.1.6. Footwear. Socks. Socks are mandatory. Socks will be white or black and may have small

trademark logos. Athletic style shoes. Athletic style shoes are mandatory. There are no restrictions on the color of the athletic shoes.
Authorized?  Yes.  Smart?  Debatable.  [Source]

This is a biggie, folks!  I don't expect BMT to start issuing you black socks for PT gear, but it's nice to know that you have that option now for the future, if you prefer black socks.  Just earlier this month when I was taking my test, I was reminded by my supervisor that my socks had to be white or I would not be allowed to test. 

As for athletic shoes, this should hopefully put many of you at ease and minimize the number of "Are these shoes ok?" questions that start flying around the web.  Use some common sense though.  BMT is probably not the time to debut these fabulous New Balance 890V3s.  Save your loudest pair of kicks for that half marathon when you come home, and find a more subdued pair in the meantime.  Remember that even though they might be authorized, you're not going to want the attention that they bring to you by the MTIs.  Be smart.  Color is fine, but don't go overboard.

Cell Phones

6.3.3. Handheld Electronic Devices. Handheld electronic devices are small electronic equipment such as cellular phones (personal or official), MP3 or similar players, radio, or hands-free devices (e.g. Bluetooth). Handheld electronic devices, if worn on the belt/waistband, or clipped to a purse will be plain black, silver, dark blue, or gray. Handheld electronic devices that are not worn on the belt/waistband/or clipped to a purse can be any color. Holster and other storage devices used to attach handheld electronic devices to the uniform or purse will be plain black, silver, dark blue, or gray. One handheld electronic device may be attached to a belt/waistband on either side or clipped to a purse.

This may or may not affect you at tech school, depending on the rules enforced by your squadron.  This definitely won't apply to you while at BMT.  While at Keesler (back in 2011), we were not allowed to have our phone on our person during the duty day.  The biggest change here is that if you're not wearing your cell phone on your waistband or visible on a purse, then the case can be any color.  If your phone is visible, you must adhere to the limitations of the case color as described above.  Pretty simple to follow.

If you want read about the other changes to the AFI, which won't likely affect you until you become permanent party, you can read a concise description here.   


Dina Farmer said...

Finally! Phew with all these running shoes with loud colors I now don't have to worry about shoes that are going to hurt my feet when I do my PT test.

Aunie said...

Thank you, Erin! I also really appreciate the link to my blog :) And whoa baby... those are some loud shoes. As loud as my favorite running Mizunos, that's for sure! The pair I found is an almost all-white pair of Brooks with just purple on the bottom. Should work just fine. Thank you again for posting this!!

Aunie said...

PS> Airman Aunie? I love that!!! haha