Sunday, March 24, 2013

Liebster Award

I love meeting new people, and recently I was contacted by Brittany over at His Mrs. Hooah, who had selected me for the Liebster Award!  Just reading her "About Me" page, I can tell she and I are on the same wavelength, and she's expecting another baby in April as well!  I've had the pleasure of being nominated a few times already, so I'm going to cheat and answer her questions and not completely play along with the re-nomination process.  You'll forgive me, right?  Can I pull the pregnant card?  ;)  Thanks Brittany!

1.  Do you consider yourself a positive person or a negative person?  No question, positive all the way!
2.  What is your favorite food dish?  Can I choose fondue in general?  I really love fondue.  Someone please take me to fondue!
3.  Do you enjoy spending time outdoors?  Yes, especially when the sun is shining and the weather is beautiful!  I'm eagerly looking forward to those days here in Colorado.
4.  Do you have anything you "geek out" over?  Hmm...good question.  I really don't think I have anything like that, unless you count cloth diapers these days.  Is that "geek out" worthy?  Or should I be looking at more traditionally geeky pastimes?
5.  Do you collect anything?  Yes, indeed, although I've tapered off quite a bit.  From my rockabilly days, I have a lot of vintage 50's housewares, especially kitchenware.  Our living room is decorated in vintage Asian kitsch.  I have a huge makeup stash, but I don't consider it a "collection" since I use those items.  Priorities change though, so the only thing I've been collecting these days are cloth diapers to prepare for baby!
6.  If you could drop everything right now and go on vacation, where would you go?  It's not very sunny there either, but I think I'd take DH up on his desire to go to Ireland.  I saw an awesome Groupon/Living Social the other day for a trip there that included stays at B&Bs and a rental car.  I've been there before, but it was when I was in the 9th grade.  We could stand to do more international travel - if only it was in the cards and the finances.
7.  Do you prefer warm weather or cold weather?  Warm, please.  Please, bring the warm!
8.  What is your favorite outfit and why?  These days, anything comfortable!  I enjoy the weekends when I can wear a big t-shirt and my "squishy pants."
9.  What is your earliest memory?  I don't even have a clue.  I can remember bits of preschool on the playground, but that's about it. 
10.  Who is your favorite person?  Probably DH for another four weeks, then he's going to have some serious competition.  ;)
11.  What is your favorite trait about your spouse or SO?  The fact that under the façade, he has a huge, huge heart.  He's a softie, he's a lover, and he'll never admit it and rarely show it to others, with the exception to children and myself.'s Spouse Summit

 Last year I was blessed to have won the 2012 Milbloggie for the U.S. Air Force Blog of the Year.  The gracious Rheanna from Cammo Style Love was there to accept the award on my behalf, as DH and I enjoying a much deserved vacation in Durango.  I had hoped to actually attend the conference this year, but when I discovered that I was pregnant I knew that it wouldn't be possible since it was so close to my due date.  Come to find out, that this year the MilBlog Conference has been cancelled [the Milbloggies will still go on, although they'll be online only].  Fear not, readers!  There's something big in store for those that want to head to DC around the same time of year and network with other like-minded individuals! is hosting a Spouse Summit, my goodness, in just a few weeks, April 11th - 12th!  If you're in a position to go, do it!  It's going to be absolutely free to attend - you just can't beat that.  For those of us that use blogging as our outlet to connect with other milspouses or to air milspouse-related issues, this is your chance to network in person and have your voice heard.  The internet can be a positive and a negative source of outreach.  For every fantastic, thought-provoking blog out there, there's a spoof page on Facebook mocking military spouses.  That gets old for someone like me, who hopes to debunk stereotypes.  Come and be part of the solution!  Network with other spouses that recognize the same needs in our community that you do, learn how to make change in your military community at home, and improve our outcomes (for families, spouse careers, mental health amongst our service members, transition back to civilian life) during these challenging times. 

What you won't get are two days of PowerPoints and lengthy speeches.  As a teacher I'm glad to see that they're doing interactive sessions where you can truly interact with representatives from The Center for Deployment Psychology, The U.S. Chamber of Commerce, The Warrior and Family Support office of the Chairman of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and University of Southern California's Center for Innovation and Research on Veterans.  Kicking off the event is keynote speaker Sal Giunta, the first living Medal of Honor recipient since the Vietnam War.

Sounds like something you'd be interested in?  Head over to to get signed up!  If you go, definitely report back and let me know how it is!

Saturday, March 16, 2013


I let in on the AHE Facebook page about my upcoming move to Bloglovin' from Google Reader, with Google's announcement that Reader would be going away come July 1st.  I've been a faithful Google Reader user since I first learned about it, aside from Feedler (which I used on my iPad and iPhone), so better get used to the move now!

However you connect, thanks for following Aim High Erin!  

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Making the Scene...Maternity Style!

Being pregnant wasn't going to stop me from attending the Wing's Annual Awards Banquet.  I guess it helps when you get your maternity uniforms issued to you and you have a sense of obligation due to having won a quarterly award.  If you're a new Airman, you should definitely try to attend any sort of special event your Wing offers, as it's a great way to network as well as get dressed up.  The Air Force, like any other service, loves a great party!

DH and I, taking our official photo!  I'm 32w6d here.
Pet peeve of mine - please take the time to review AFI 36-2903 prior to attending any sort of semi-formal/formal function where you may be unfamiliar with the regulations for your uniforms.  Even if you think you have a good hold of it, it's always best to go straight to the source to double check.  No one wants to be that guy that stands out for the wrong reasons.  If you're an über nerd like me, you'll even download it onto your electronic device of choice for easy access when you're putting together your uniforms.  You'd be surprised by what you might find.  When I first got my maternity uniforms, I wasn't aware that I had to have stripes on my white shirt (a no-no for non-preggos) or that service dress meant the satin tie-tab (which is reserved for semi-formal/mess dress when you're not pregnant).  I saw a few females last night that were wearing pants (the skirt is a must) and another wearing low quarters with her skirt (pumps must be worn).

While most people aren't a fan of the maternity uniforms in general, the "blueberry muu muu" isn't all that bad, especially in terms of comfort.  My biggest issue is that the white blouse doesn't come in long lengths.  After being issued a medium shirt, I had to eat the cost and buy the next size up, in hopes of getting longer sleeves.  It was still too short, but I had to roll with it.  Luckily, the larger shirt meant a larger neckline, so I didn't feel constricted like I did last year.  The beauty of the muu muu is that I was blissfully free and unrestricted - plenty of room to chow down at dinner!  Plus, the muu muu has pockets, which meant I could completely ditch the purse.  Room for a small tech school wallet, my iPhone, and a lipstick.  Having been to the boards in December, all I had to do was remove my name tag and my uniform was ready.  Super convenient for me, which was great after a busy day of drill.  I was comfortable all night, without any issues.

DH and I ended up having a great time, more so than last year.  We had an amazing speaker, CMSgt Bob Vasquez (retired), who was engaging and inspiring.  To top it off, I got this cool flight scarf to represent my squadron!  This is going to be the last banquet I attend as an Airman and part of my current squadron, so I'm glad I went.  I got a number of teasing "you're at the wrong table" comments, from those that know I'm heading to OTS at the end of the year.

The camaraderie amongst the squadrons lends itself to all sorts of high jinks during the honoring of award recipients.  The maintenance squadron came equipped with a real drum, a couple plastic horns, and an air raid siren that they let loose every time one of their members was called.  Cow bells and other various noisemakers are the norm at these things.  Last year it was Security Forces, this year the rowdy group was definitely Maintenance!  My future squadron is equally as fun-loving, so who knows what's in store for me!

Hope everyone else had a good weekend.  I'm wiped out from being the acting supervisor all weekend and trying to accomplish all of our tasks in a limited amount of time.  Off to bed, school comes early!