Tuesday, July 23, 2013

I Give Good Voice

Well, let's not flatter myself, although I do a lot of talking for a living.  

Are you familiar with TroopSwap?  No, this isn't a sponsored post this time.  TroopSwap is the military-only equivalent of Living Social or Groupon.  It's growing, slowly but surely, and offers some great opportunities for those of us that love a good deal.  They have national deals for everyone, and special deals for military communities in Colorado Springs, Hampton Roads, DC, and San Diego.   

How can they weed out military members from the general population?  Well, the process is slightly more complicated than signing up for a normal deal site, but it's worth it.  I used my USAA account to sign up, but there are other methods if you're not comfortable with entering financial information online.

Photo by Jason of TroopSwapCOS
Anyway, I was recently contacted by Jason, the man behind TroopSwap in the Colorado Springs area, who wanted to know if I was interested in doing a radio spot for them, as a loyal TroopSwap member.  Of course, I jumped at the chance to do something different - I've never been on the radio before!

A word of caution for my readers, if you're an Airman (or any other service member) - while I was chosen to participate because of my own military affiliation in the area, I knew that I was getting into some grey areas, as we're not allowed to endorse any politicians, companies, or so forth. Not wanting to step on any toes during this transitional time in my career, I put a call into our Public Affairs office.  Sure enough, I wasn't going to be able to identify myself as a Reservist in this radio ad.   Per AFI 35-104, para DOD is prohibited from endorsing or appearing to endorse or selectively benefit any particular product, company or commercial concern.  No big deal, I still proceeded as "Erin the MilSpouse" and "Erin the MilBloggie Winner."  Better safe than sorry, folks.  It took just a few minutes out of my day to call PA, and I kept myself out of trouble and look like the upstanding Airman of integrity that I strive to be.

The experience itself was very cool, and a test of my ability to speak quickly, while still enunciating and being clear with my speech.  I read through the script a few times, and the technician will piece together the elements into one sixty second commercial.  So, if you're a local and listening to 1460 KZNT on the AM dial, you might hear my voice sometime soon!

[Not a TroopSwap member yet?  If you'd like to be, you can choose to sign up on your own or through this referral link, which gives me $10 in TroopSwap bucks if you sign up.  Either way, happy shopping to you, and may you score some great deals!]  


michelle said...

I'm so listening to that station until I hear it. Congrats!

AiringMyDirtyLaundry said...

Very cool!

Erin said...

Thanks ladies!

Lauren Thorpe said...

Sounds great! I'm going to check out that site now! Thanks for the info!

Erin said...

@Lauren - Enjoy! They have an offer for our local state fair right now, which I'm dying to go to!