Tuesday, June 11, 2013

DH's First Father's Day

Review/Sponsored Post Disclaimer: Compensation for this post was provided by Dove Men+Care via MSB New Media.  All opinions expressed in this piece are my own.

Any military family knows that a holiday in which you’re blessed to have all family members present is a good one, one worth celebrating.  Our time together is treasured and held near and dear, before Uncle Sam whisks someone away with the call of duty.  While DH and I weren’t able to spend our first anniversary, and we both will inevitably miss many of DD’s “firsts,” I’m thankful that we can be together to celebrate our first Father’s Day, even if it’s just for a bit before DH is off to his civilian employer.

Some military members aren't as fortunate.  I am so grateful that DH was able to be there by my side when DD entered this world.  John wasn't so lucky, and his story is more common than not, unfortunately.  Tissue alert, seriously...  

Dove Men+Care is joining forces with Operation Homefront this Father's Day to bring 300 military families together, just like you've seen above, as a part of their Mission: Care.  When families spend so much time apart, there is no greater gift than togetherness.  How can you help reunite more families?  By picking up your favorite Dove Men+Care products to support Mission: Care, which make great additions to your next care package for your own deployed service member!  You can also leave a message for those deployed to show your appreciation for their service on the Mission: Care page.

Our family is no stranger to a tight budget, but with holidays it’s the little acts of love that get remembered the most, versus grandiose gifts.  DD is obviously too young to show her appreciation for her father, but fortunately for her, I’m more than willing to do so on her behalf.  ;)  This first Father’s Day is a great time for me to express my thankfulness for a partner who has been by my side throughout the pregnancy and birthing process, both literally and figuratively.  When it came down to those critical moments and times of need, DD and I were always his top priority, and he’s taken amazing care of us ever since.

So, rather than purchase Daddy yet another firearm – let’s be honest, the man would love that for any holiday – DD and I will be focusing on the little things that remind him of how much we love him.  Biscuits and gravy for breakfast, without being prompted?  Check.  Uninterrupted time to watch a gory B movie on TV?  Why not!  Sleeping in and having plenty of family snuggle time?  His favorite!  Smiles aplenty from DD?  Melts his heart!  All of that goodness aside, I do like to give him at least one tangible item to open.  Being his first Father’s Day with us, anything that has DD’s mark on it is a perfect gift – a card with her handprint or footprint, a framed picture of the two of them, or even decking her out in an outfit proclaiming her love for Daddy.

As for me, I’ll be showing DH some TLC, which he’s gone without for the last ten weeks (of DD’s life).  With a newborn, chores to do, and meals to make, there’s not a lot left of me at the end of the day, which is tough when your husband’s love languages are physical touch and quality time.  That’s where Dove Men+Care comes in for our family this year.  Time for DH to take a couple minutes to pamper himself, before I finally give him that back rub he’s been requesting for weeks.

You can take care of your own hero this Father's Day with a prize pack from Dove Men+Care!             

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Dianne Hall said...

A big brunch in bed and a home cooked dinner!

chambanachik said...

My dad- a gift card to a bicycle shop. :)

Sky- a baby, perhaps? :)

kenny hall said...

A family get together with a lot of steak and bbq food, ha.

dawn keenan said...

We had a nice lunch out and then a bbq for dinner.

Susan DeVaux said...

We went to the lake and had a bbq as well!

Mrs. B said...

Well he arrived home from a 15 month deployment on Friday so that was the perfect 'gift' :) We ate at his favorite Mexican restaurant & made homemade banana pudding on Father's Day!

Jessica said...

We had a bbq and watched a movie. Its the way he likes those holidays to be.

Jennifer Roudebush said...

oh erin that video made me tear UP and i didnt have any tissues ;)

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