Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Have a Great Air Force Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all of my readers that celebrate the holiday!  I spent Christmas Eve doing one of the best volunteer gigs out there - NORAD Tracks Santa!  Last year was the first year I participated and it's hard not to love being a Santa tracker.  I'm so fortunate to live in this area where participating is a reality for me.  Sign-ups go really quickly, so I've been stalking volunteer notices via my military email for a while now, as well as the Peterson AFB Airman & Family Readiness Center Facebook page.  As soon as I spotted them, I was signing up.
I purposely chose an earlier time slot this year (0600 - 0800 MST), in hopes of getting some phone calls from more distant countries.  It did help some, and I got calls from South Africa, Germany, South Korea, the United Kingdom, and a few from Canada (including a radio station in Ontario).  Once the stateside children started calling in, I had a slew of calls from Pennsylvania.  Those kids were on it!  I publicize my direct line on my personal FB page, as well as the AHE page this year, as I love getting calls from friends' children.  I make a great effort to be a good tracker too, and apparently I do a good job.  I listened in on a call that a friend's children made later and the tracker had a flat personality.  This just doesn't do in my world!
Santa Trackers are prepared to answer a number of questions, and I got some fun ones this year!  We have a general script for frequently asked questions, but we're pretty much given free reign on the oddball ones.

  • Who does Santa like better, One Direction or Justin Bieber?  [I answered One Direction - good thing the caller was a bigger One Direction fan.]
  • What if the Tooth Fairy bumps into Santa? - Girl with a wiggly tooth.  [I told her she'd have twice the magic that night if she lost her tooth!]
  • Why does Santa use a sleigh and not a car?  [Clearly, because a car would sink crossing the ocean, although I didn't word it so morbidly.]
  • Does Santa use the sleigh other times of the year?  [Of course, even Santa needs a vacation!]
  • Does Santa want chocolate milk or white milk?  [Let's mix it up with the chocolate milk.] 

I hope my readers with younger children called in yesterday!  NORAD Tracks Santa is a great way to get your kids into bed at a decent hour on Christmas Eve!  I stressed the fact that if you weren't in bed by the time Santa came (he arrives between nine and midnight in your appropriate time zone), he doesn't stop by.  Hopefully I helped some parents out by striking their children with fear of a gift-less holiday.  ;)

Happy holidays to you all!   


Julie, Wife of a Soldier said...

I did not even know you could call! We will have to do it next year. What a fun job!

WhisperingWriter said...

So awesome. We were also tracking Santa!

Dee Servance said...

Had no clue kids could call into NORAD and talk to Santa Trackers. Now I'm super jealous I would love to be a Santa Tracker!! Merry Christmas Erin!

Fran said...

I'm still so jealous, this may or may not have been my #1 reason for wishing Ft. Carson would be our next duty station haha - one day... one day.

Erin said...

@WhisperingWriter - Glad to hear! Hope your family enjoyed it!

@Dee Servance - Yes! Calling is the way to go, supplemented with some internet tracking! Thanks for the holiday wishes!