Thursday, August 2, 2012

Happy 5th Anniversary!

Five years ago today, I drove 1690 miles from California to Missouri, to see DH for the first time in ten weeks.  He had completed Basic Combat Training (BCT) for the Army and was about to graduate.  I whisked him away on Family Day and we headed to the courthouse, where I had meticulously researched and planned everything that would be needed to seal the deal.  After a prompt licensing process, we headed out back and were married underneath a gazebo in the hot summer sun, witnessed by my father, his wife, DH's father, and DH's battle buddy.  I wore a cream-colored sundress I had found, he wore his Class As.  I carried a bouquet of green hydrangeas and white roses.

Afterward, we headed immediately to the DEERS office to get me into the system as a dependent and get my first military ID card.  Doesn't seem particularly romantic, but it worked out in our favor since he didn't have any free time the next day.  I think they were surprised that I had all of the required documents at the ready.

Later that evening, we went to dinner at a local steakhouse and enjoyed a small white-on-white wedding cake, topped with more hydrangea blossoms.  There was no wedding night, as we had to drop him back off at the barracks each night, nor was there a honeymoon as he immediately began Advanced Individual Training (AIT).

It may not have been the wedding that most women fantasize about, but it was absolutely perfect for us.  Both of us have been married before, so we didn't need all of the pomp and circumstance.  Having such a small, intimate wedding allowed me to focus on the true meaning of our commitment and love for each other, rather than getting caught up with the minutia and logistics of a large production.

These last five years haven't been easy, as you can imagine, with both of our commitments to service.  We share a commitment to our country and a commitment to each other.  We've made countless personal sacrifices, navigated hills and valleys, and have made it out on top.  It's never been easy, but it's always been worth it.  Here's to a lifetime of love with my best wingman!  <3


Our Little Fam said...

Happy Anniversary!!

Kara said...

Oh, I remember that. I got married to my first husband at City Hall. Not the Court House, but it was down the street a tad. I knew a lot of people who got married at that gazebo! Hubby and I got married on post. FLW sure has a lot of memories!

Kara said...

And I have to ask, which steakhouse? We seemed to go to The Point for occasions. We actually went there the night before mine and hubby's wedding.

Erin said...

@Our Little Fam - Thanks!

@Kara - Too funny! It was a beautiful backdrop, beyond what I expected for a courthouse wedding. I had to Google the steakhouse to figure out what it was - it was Zeno's in Rolla!

Fran said...

Happy anniversary! and that pictures looks nothing like a court house wedding ;)