Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Guest Post: Guide to Military Travel

Happy Wednesday, everyone!  I'm guest posting today over at Guide to Military Travel, a great resource website on how to get the most out of your off-duty and leave days!  Not only useful for service members, all DoD ID card holders should check it out for discounts, travel tips, and more.

I got talking with Erika (@Military_Travel) on Twitter and I was surprised to hear that she wasn't aware that she could utilize the services of the USO centers at the airport as a military dependent or DoD ID card holder.  I've loved and utilized the USO since I first became eligible as a spouse, and continue to use it whether I'm traveling for business or pleasure.

If you're heading to BMT soon, check out the post!  There are USO centers in airports all across the globe!  If you have layovers en route to Lackland, they're a great place to stop in, get a bite to eat [maybe the last junk food you'll eat for 8.5 weeks!], use the computer/WiFi, etc!  My wingman had never been to one when we were traveling down to San Antonio, so I introduced her to the Dallas USO where we enjoyed a piece of pizza and tried to make a dent in a box of Girl Scout cookies.

Happy reading!


Mrs. Duh said...

Great post! I didn't know any of that stuff about the USO!

Unknown said...
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Jessica Backfisch said...

How did you manage the menstrual cup cleaning? I'm assuming it is a stall/seperately sink arrangement?

Erin said...

@Jessica Backfisch - I forget my original post, but yes, in a separate bathroom stall for BMT. Normally my preferred method is to empty in a private shower.

Teaching, but Always Learning said...

@erin you can bring a menstural cup as opposed to tampons to basic?

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