Wednesday, February 15, 2012

BMT: Shakedown Sheet

Do I have a treat for you today!  I was rummaging around my home office, looking for a binder to organize my Air Force documents for UTA weekends, when I found the original binder I purchased and took to BMT.  [Reminder: Don't bring a binder, it's unnecessary.  If anything, bring a 5 or 6 compartment accordion folder.]  

What was in that binder?  My shakedown sheet!  Titled "Health Morale and Welfare Briefing," this sheet details where items that you've brought to BMT need to go on the bed when you dump out your luggage.  When all of this stuff is organized and separated, you'll report to the MTIs wandering through the squadron, and they will inspect (and criticize) your belongings.

Enlarge me!

I'll go ahead and list these items here, since I know the text is a little faded.  The valuables go inside of the security drawer in the narrow tray, which is locked at all times.  You'll wear the key to this lock around your neck at all times (including when showering) and you are never to have it outside of your clothing.  You and your fellow trainees will yell "Key Check!" if you see someone's key out and you need to remind them to put it away.  Don't let the MTIs catch you with your key out.  Authorized items will go in your security drawer as well, in the back half (or underneath your towel) where you have personal space.  Unauthorized items are confiscated.  Some may remain in your civilian luggage, others are confiscated and not returned (like food or my unmarked travel bottles of body wash).

Driver's License
Calling Cards

Authorized Items
Any important paperwork
Personal hygiene items
Stationery (letter writing material)
Motivational reading material (Religious books)
Small photo albums (remove all pictures for inspection)

Unauthorized Items
Weapons, guns, knives
Alcoholic beverages
Food items
Aerosol cans
Drugs or drug paraphernalia
Tobacco products to include lighters
Pornographic or obscene material
Books or magazines
Gambling devices (cards, dice)
Over-the-counter or Rx meds
Vitamins or nutritional supplements
Cell phone, cameras, CD/MP3 players
Other electronic devices (remove batteries)

Hope you enjoyed this little treat from BMT!  


iljam12 said...

I have a few questions:

Can you take your BC? (help with lighter periods)

Can you wear a plain wedding band?

Thank you for your service!

You have really inspired and motivated me! Im just waiting on my ASVAB score.

Thank you for your time!

iljam12 said...


Erin said...

Hey iljam12!

Yes, you can take your BCP with you. I'd bring enough to get you through the 8.5 weeks.

Plain bands are fine, it's what I did too! (

Thank YOU and you're welcome! One day soon you'll be in the same position and I'll be proud to call you a sister in arms!

Best of luck to you with those ASVAB results! Are you going guard, reserve, or AD? Once you have a ship date, you'll be able to find a FB group with others leaving your same month for networking purposes!

audrieelovee said...

Is that really true that you can find people that are going to basic training the same time you are and there is an actual fb page? If there is I would like to know where because I just recently found out my ship date is 5 Jun 12. And I'm probably one of the happiest girls on earth because I got a super cool job. I will be training to be an Airborne mission system specialist.

Erin said...

@audrieelovee - Yes! It's not an official page connected to the AF, but search "June BMT 2012" - I know for a fact that there's a group! Congrats on getting your ideal AFSC!

Sarah said...

Gotta wonder, if they inspect everything, does this mean we'll be naked or hardly dressed when they do shakedown? Yikes

Erin said...

@Sarah - Nope, you're clothed. They're going through your belongings. You'll have a TON of MTIs and Blue Rope MTIs walking through at that point, so there's really no way to get shady.

Sarah said...

Thanks! Is this all during the first night you get there?

Erin said...

@Sarah - Nope, the shakedown will happen in the first couple of days though.

Sarah said...

Oh, so after the ABU issue and all that good stuff? Thanks for all the info again!

rexdarelli said...

Were females allowed to have extensions (if they looked natural) when you went? And how did they check for that?

Erin said...

@rexdarelli - This is the official regulation on it, " Wigs/Hairpieces/Extensions. Will meet the same standard required for natural hair and will be of good quality, fit properly, and comply with safety, functionality and professionalism. Synthetic hair or other materials are not authorized when prohibited by safety and mission requirements." BMT rules are going to be stricter than operational rules though, so if it's possible for you to take them out prior to leaving, it would probably be best. You can always try your luck though! They didn't check our heads, so that wasn't an issue. If a female MTI notices and has an issue, you may have a problem though.

Jaleesa Davis said...

can i get the depo shot (birth control shot) administered at basic since it's prescribed to me?

Erin said...

@Jaleesa Davis - That's one I'm not sure about. You could certainly bring your prescription and try your best! Wouldn't hurt to ask at all when you get there.

BritJ said...

I see that photo album is listed among authorized items and I was wondering what the guidelines were concerning photographs. Can we bring them? If so, how many? What size? Where should they be stored? Etc. I was hoping to bring at least one small, appropriate photo of my boyfriend and I for comfort purposes, and I was planning on just inserting in in a small bible I plan on bringing. Thank you!

Erin said...

@BritJ - I would bring a photo or two, versus an entire ablum, and if they can fit in your Bible, that would be ideal. Just make sure everyone in the photos is appropriate clothed and not engaging in any illegal or questionable activities. The Bible and any photos will be stored in the back of your security drawer, where space is at a premium.

Rachel H said...

Are you able to purchase vitamins at the BX?

Erin said...

You are not - you can't take anything while you're down there.

parad0x M said...

can i bring my power bank?

Erin said...

@parad0x M - I don't think that it'd be an issue. You could store it with your cell phone/charger.