Thursday, February 2, 2012

BMT: PT Folding How-To

Rolling and Folding Part 3 is up and ready for your viewing pleasure!  Watch me fold my PT gear, including shirt and shorts.  PT gear is one of the easier things to do, as there are no specific rules as to how it's supposed to be folded.  I'll demonstrate how my MTI taught me how to fold shirts and shorts.

[FYI: I accidentally dropped the "s-word" in this video, if that presents a problem for your viewing environment.]


shale.ffl said...

Hey Erin! How would u fold your spandex? And are you allowed to bring black sports bras? I bought 2 black and 4 white ones. And thanks for making these videos! They're SO helpful :)

Erin said...

@Shale - Your PT clothes are the easiest things to fold. There's no set way to do it, you just have to make them look neat. Your MTI will give you a general guideline/expectation though, which is why I didn't make a video on them.

We were allowed to bring whatever colored sports bra we wanted, although I always encourage people to keep it simple - black, nude, white, grey.

Glad to help, enjoy them!

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