Thursday, February 9, 2012

BMT: No-Nos, Part 2

How about s'more BMT No-Nos, folks?!  Today I bring you BMT No-Nos, round two, MTI edition!  The following behaviors are no-nos for MTIs.  Some of these are hard and fast rules, and others are a bit squishier.  As in the MTI post, I'm not an MTI, nor have I been through MTI school, so much of what I know is based on what I've been told from my MTIs or inferred from them.

Foul Language - MTIs are not allowed to use foul language, expletives, curse, cuss, however you want to put it.  Well, they're strongly encouraged and told not to, but we all know how it goes.  If anyone asks you if your MTI uses foul language, you give your reporting statement and tell them no, your MTI does not cuss.  This is one of the few times at BMT when there's some leeway for Integrity First.  Depending on your MTI, you may or may not hear much foul language while you're at BMT, and typically only in your dorm if it slips. 

MTIs have created a number of euphemisms to compensate for their inability to use foul language.  One of the most popular phrases is, "What the piss, trainee?!"  There is a popular Facebook page by this name, if you enjoy MTI humor.  Another favorite moniker is "DBT," which is an acronym for "Dirt Bag Trainee."  DBT is used to describe trainees who lack motivation, lack excellence, and anything else that might frustrate an MTI or get a flight in trouble.  Trainees will refer to other trainees by this term as well, so it's not just the MTIs singling people out.  DBTs aren't particularly concerned with their training or their wingmen.

One-Finger Pointing - MTIs will not point at you with one finger.  I'm not sure if this is a written rule that they can't, but they won't.  Instead, they'll use what's known as the "knife hand."  You will learn to love the knife hand!  We used it all during tech school, just to be funny.  I still knife hand my husband from time to time, as evidenced below.  This particular knife hand is mimicking my brother flight's MTI, who used to side hop towards his trainees while knife handing them.

He doesn't look intimidated enough...

Manhandling - MTIs will not put their hands on you, in any way, shape, or form.  They will not do it in anger, they will not do it to assist.  If an MTI needs to correct something about your dress and appearance, they will tell you verbally or they will tell a wingman to help you.  If they need to correct your positioning during a drill movement, they will verbalize their instructions.

Throwing Mail - MTIs are not supposed to throw mail.  While this is a rule, some MTIs interpret "throwing" differently.  Fear not, they will not drop kick your packages or fling a letter at your head.

Lights Out - If an MTI is the opposite gender of his/her flight, he/she is not allowed to be in the dorm within thirty minutes of lights out, nor are they allowed to be present when the lights turn on in the morning.  Normally MTIs will handle any business before they leave for the night, but if they forget something they'll call over the intercom.

That's all for now!  If any other MTI No-Nos come to mind, you can expect another edition of this post!

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