Wednesday, February 22, 2012

BMT: My Challenge Coins

I have a couple more coins to share with you!  The first was a gift from my MTI, a tradition he continues to uphold for all of his trainees.  Prior to taking our EOC (End of Course exam), he let us know that anyone who scored a 90 or higher would receive a special challenge coin from him.  Granted, it takes more than just a 90 on the EOC to be designated as an Honor Grad, but that's one of the requirements.  He made a point to let another trainee who had scored high on the EOC, but not in other areas, that he still considered highly of her accomplishments and awarded her with a coin as well.

The Honor Grad coin is available from an awards shop in the mini-mall.  If you (or your trainee) is an Honor Graduate, you can purchase this coin if you'd like.

The monument pictured is located at the Parade Grounds.

The second coin I received at BMT looks very much like my squadron coin, aside from the decorative edging.  If you notice though, written in the silver edging is "Presented By The Commander."  I was awarded this coin from our squadron commander after retreat, in honor of my Top Honor Graduate award.  I was most proud of this coin, and typically carried it around as my coin of choice in my pocket, until I was coined by my wing commander at my new unit.


Teddy said...

I watched the Honor grad practice this morning and, as usual, learned something new. I thought that the honor grad that scored the highest would know who they were before the ceremony, which i found out they do not know. I watched from a distance this morning as the MTI gave the entire group instructions on what to do if they were chosen. The Airman chosen did great and just as was instructed and did not have the look of surprise. Good blog as usual

Erin said...

@Teddy - I had no clue when my time came around, to the point that I wasn't really paying too close attention when they were telling us how to accept the award. Thank goodness I pulled it off! I sure felt like I was shocked! Thanks again!

6067eaa6-45ff-11e2-98e7-000f20980440 said...

I have spent all morning looking for the Squadron coin presented to my son at graduation last week. He was in the 331TRS wolfpack. I wanted the same coin for collecting. But can not find it. Do you have any links as to were I could find the specific coin? Thanks!

Erin said...

@6067eaa6-45ff-11e2-98e7-000f20980440 - The coin presented to your son at graduation would've been his Airman's Coin, not the 331st coin, unless it was presented to him in a one-on-one situation by an instructor. Have you tried searching eBay already? Typically the only time I've seen people attempt to buy an Airman's Coin were if they've lost theirs, but it gets difficult. I don't have any resources for squadron coins, since they're ordered in the squadron and paid for in cash by trainees. You might try AF WingMoms (the Facebook group) to see if anyone has any resources. Good luck!

Daniel Metcalf said...

Did you ever hear back about where someone could buy another Honor Graduate Coin? I had mine stolen and it doesn't seem like I will be getting it back. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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