Thursday, February 2, 2012

AF Reserve: Shameless Plug

If you're visiting my website directly, you may notice that I have a new tab, "Getting Serious?"

Many of you may be visiting my website because you're just starting to research the Air Force and want to know what you'd be getting yourself into.  You may or may not have contacted a recruiter yet, and you may not be at that point yet, understandably.

If you're thinking about the Air Force Reserve, let me tell you about the Get1Now program.

Get1Now is a referral program for the Air Force Reserve.  It allows me as a reservist to submit your name and contact information to the USAFR.  From there, a local recruiter in your area will connect with you and answer questions, provide you with information, etc.  In exchange for my referral, I may get tickets to concerts/events and if you were to follow through with enlistment, I have the opportunity to earn various electronic gadgets.

If the information that I've provided has been helpful for you and you don't already have someone else to credit with your referral, I would love to be your person!  Please contact me for more information, I'd love to chat with you!  Ultimately, I'm passionate about what I do and whether I receive anything or not, I love educating people about the opportunities that the U.S. Air Force provides.

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