Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tagged by Lou!

Tagged again!  It's going around!  I'm going to jump straight to the questions that Lou wrote for me.

1.  Favorite moment in life.  Oof, that's a tough one right off the bat.  I really couldn't pick between my wedding, my BMT graduation, etc.  I've been blessed!
2.  What is your favorite form of exercise?  Running is my exercise of choice, although I love going dancing!
3.  What is your favorite sound?  The sound of near silence, aside from some birds chirping outside of a sunny window on a day when you're napping.
4.  What's your favorite cleaning product?  Mrs. Meyer's Geranium!
5.  What do you miss most about being a kid?  Have my mom around.
6.  Do you like milk?  I don't typically drink it as a beverage, unless I've just had a lot of chocolate.  I love chocolate milk though!
7.  Do you play an instrument?  Tuba, trumpet, and clarinet.
8.  Do you have a zombie plan?  Nope, but I'm sure my husband does.  I'm running to his side if that sort of thing happens.
9.  Who is your favorite super hero?  60's Bat Girl.
10.  Do you like doing surveys?  If I'm bored, typically.  I like fun, interesting questions!


Ashley said...

Why is it that our husbands are expected to have zombie plans?? I think mine does too! haha!

Lou said...

hahah your amazing. we still need to meet up!! Im dont have a zombie planner either...my plan is my husband!

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