Friday, January 13, 2012

Rockin' No Stoppin'

This has just been one of those weeks, and I know it could've been worse.  It's my first full week back at school, and trying to get into the swing of things.  I've had three significant after-school commitments (athletic duties, Student Union), and I've been trying to get back into my running schedule.  Late nights had by all.  Don't forget that double header in basketball I'm working today - games at 4:30, 6:00, and 7:30.  Yes, I will be racing for Subway before the madnesss starts.

On top of everything else, we were told (very late in the game) that our accommodation requests for the ACT were due in a couple weeks.  Every "free" moment I have during the day, I've been working on those, or at least trying to.  It's all very time consuming, to say the least.  Thank goodness I don't have any pressing IEPs in the meantime.

I started this post hours ago, if that gives you any indicator.

Two and a half more periods to freedom, before I check out (mentally)!  Tomorrow morning, after a leisurely wake-up, we'll be driving south, sights set on this:

R. Michael Babnick Photography [Source]

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Janna Renee said...

Just keep swimming! Hope that it calms down soon and I hope that you had fun yesterday!!