Tuesday, January 10, 2012


So, I inadvertently met one of my new year's resolutions already.  I received an email yesterday from one of the NCOs in the Education and Training office, with whom I was able to connect with this morning.

Background Story
I checked up on the order of my second volume of CDCs the other morning while at UTA.  I was told by the above mentioned NCO that the second volume was deactivated in the computer and they weren't even able to order it.  They'd have to look into the matter and get back to me.  At the time I joked if that meant I was done with my CDCs.

So, turns out I was right.  There is no second volume anymore.  I'm done.  You might think I would be overjoyed, but it was very anti-climatic.  That's it?  I'm a 5 level after all?  Yes, I'm done - no more CDCs for my 5 level.  If I would've known this was the one and only test, maybe I would've studied harder.  Oh well, as Haywee always says, "c'est la vie."

The bummer news of the morning is that I can't do ALS (Airman Leadership School), which is required for the promotion to SSgt, until I have 42 months time in service.  I'm a good two and a half years away from that, which means I'm sitting tight in the meantime.  I had really hoped to be moving on with things well before then, but apparently not.  I guess I'll just have to do every other training and certification that I can in the meantime.  I need to focus on OJT (On the Job Training) as much as I can, but there's only so much I can do from home.  Much of that will come with seasoning training over the summer.

The other thing I can focus on is my CCAF degree (Community College of the Air Force), an Associate's in Human Resource Management.  Too bad I sent those transcripts back in, oh, October and nothing's showing up from them on my progress report.  =/  Even if I have to take a few classes or CLEP test out of a few subjects, at least I'd know.  I need a short term goal to work toward, while I'm killing time.

So, that's where I stand with my AF career progression.  Chugging right along, slowly but surely!      


Taryn said...

Goodness ... are you collecting degrees or what?? ;) Seeing as you already have your masters ... is the pursuit of an AA to aid you in the AF or is it for another reason ... ?

Erin said...

@Taryn - It's not an explicit requirement in the AF, but as a SMSgt friend said to me, it's looked highly upon by our leadership. My technical training for Personnel has given me credits toward an AA for Human Resourcement Management. Earning that AA would show that I am knowledgeable in my subject area/career field. CCAF degrees are highlighted on my career development/progression, and if you were reading an official AF bio of me, it would include my CCAF degrees, awards, ribbons, etc.

Mrs. Jenna Lou said...

Way to go!