Monday, January 2, 2012

2011 in Hindsight

  • Met with my recruiter, scheduled my ASVAB test and MEPS visit, and promptly enlisted on the 31st!
  • Took up running as my main source of exercise and preparation for BMT.
  • Issued my first vertical military ID card!
  • Noelle came to visit!  
  • Gifted a Garmin Forerunner 405 CX from my dad, which changed my running.
  • Began packing for BMT - yes, I was a little eager!
  • Ran a local 5K for an autism center, my first road race since I'd been training.  Met both goals - run non-stop and do 10 minute (or less) miles.
  • FLOTUS Michelle Obama visits our school!

  • Ran my first 10K race, and met the same goals as listed above.
  • Did the Run to the Shrine, and promptly humbled myself on its terrain.
  • Left for BMT!
  • First four weeks of training (WOT) at BMT.  Yes, they sucked!
  • Made Dorm Chief - being yelled at became second nature.
  • Highlight of 3 WOT was receiving my BCGs!  8)
  • The light at the end of the the tunnel!  Highlights of BMT included name tapes and BEAST, followed by blues!
  • Graduated from BMT as Top Honor Graduate!
  • Celebrated my 4th wedding anniversary with DH.  Well, we didn't really celebrate, since I was on my way to tech school, but the day passed!
  • Attended the Personnel Apprentice Course at Keesler AFB.
  • Spent Labor Day weekend indoors, thanks to Tropical Storm Lee.
  • Dipped my feet into the Gulf Coast for the first time.
  • Graduated from tech school as a Distinguished Graduate.
  • Went home!
  • Set up my brand new classroom and started teaching again.
  • Saw Keith Urban in concert - one of the best concerts I've ever been to!
  • Prepared my first Thanksgiving dinner for three!
  • Saw (and met!) Lady Antebellum in concert.
  • Coined by the wing commander for my DG in tech school.
  • Volunteered at NORAD Tracks Santa.
  • Did annual training during my winter break.
  • Celebrated my golden birthday - 31 on the 31st!
That was my 2011, in a glossy nutshell, the best moments of the year.  Sad that I have to look through iPhoto in order to remember what happened during some of these months.  In my reflections on Facebook, I've noted that while I'm eager to put 2011 behind me, the best thing to come out of it were my achievements and successes in the Air Force.  I will be forever grateful to 2011 for the realization of that goal.  The rest of it can pucker up.  I do recognize the blessings amongst all of these rough spots, but 2012 is looking to be bigger and better, thankfully!


Mrs. Wookie said...

Umm...what do BCG's mean to you?? We know them as 'birth control glasses' - those very classy and good-looking issued eyewear. Yes?? If so, stylin'!!!!

Taryn said...

I was actually wondering the same thing .... BCG's ??

Sarah said...

Birth Control Goggles!!! Come on T! LOL

Mrs. Duh said...

Wow! You had quite a busy/crazy/awesome year! Congrats on getting top Honor Graduate!

Erin said...

@Mrs. Duh - Thanks! I was totally in shock when it happened!