Monday, November 7, 2011

UTA, round two!

Commander's Call = Tebow time!
This last weekend was my November UTA ["drill" for those not familiar with Reserve lingo], which is basically like not having a weekend at all.  I do love it though, don't think that I'm complaining!  I was reporting at 0630 each morning, and not getting out until 1630 or so.  First in, last out for those of us in Personnel!

Due to the budget not being set in stone [remember that scare, MilSpouses?  It's still affecting us.], people were asked to reschedule their UTA if they could avoid working.  We were all put on half-days, but I got to come in for the entire weekend because I am allotted time to study my CDCs [career development courses].

Saturday was almost a complete bust.  I spent three hours in the morning doing my physical.  It was supposed to be the "short non-fly" physical, but I ended up doing the "long" physical.  Apparently three hours is a short amount of time for the long physical too.  The only time I studied for my CDCs during the entire weekend was while I was waiting in optometry.  That's the only time I was free - busy, busy, busy!  By the time I got out of the physical, it was time for lunch.  DH joined me on Saturday and Sunday for lunch in the DFAC, which was sweet.  He said he hadn't eaten in a DFAC since Korea ('07-'08), and barely at all when he was there.

After lunch I spent the rest of the day trying to get my email to work.  I can't begin to tell you how ridiculous that process was - I went to three different buildings to make it happen.  Good thing I was being proactive the other day in doing my CBTs  (Computer Based Trainings), since I had to have the Information Assurance one done in order to get my email.  Long story short, it finally worked and I am able to get my email in the office and at home.

Another plus to Saturday?  I found that it may be possible to do seasoning training during spring break and all summer after all!  I'm hoping that it works out, as it'd give me 53 days on active duty, bringing in an active duty paycheck (with BAH)!  I was telling DH we could even take that money and put it straight to debt, which would be ideal for us.  I feel like that would help us actually catch up for once, and make some good progress.  Keep your fingers crossed for this opportunity, and also for DH's job interview on Wednesday.  We need this!

Sunday was a great day.  I actually got some sleep the night before [I was working off 3.5 for Saturday]!  One of our co-workers called out sick, so I was going to be alone in the office from 1030 on.  I actually felt like I was doing my job on Sunday.  I got a lot of hands-on training and I was even able to help some of the Airmen that came to my office, despite my limited resources.  I don't have access to a couple of the online programs I need, so hopefully by next UTA I'll have what I need.  Next time?  Game on - I feel like I could be very self-sufficient, and I'm pleased by that.

I also got the opportunity to interface with a lot more of the Airmen in my office, including my commander, so I feel like I'm making some good connections and networking well.  It was a great day to feel like I was "earning my keep."  Now I just need to power out my CDCs at home so I can move right along!

Other than that, there a couple upcoming TDY opportunities that I would love to jump in on if given the chance.  It won't happen this go-round, but in the future I'd be alllllll over it.  One word: Caribbean.

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Taryn said...

Oh my ever loving god. You know I'd be visiting like crazy if you got sent to the Caribbean, right? Not that I've stopped saving my pennies to come to CO! (Although, at timse it DOES feel like I'm putting simply pennies into the Visit Erin fund).

All of this sounds incredible, so you know what? HUA to you!