Thursday, October 27, 2011

It's OK Thursday

Breathe in, breathe out.  It's ok:
  • To have a worse attention span than the students.
  • To let your 6th period get away with more than the average class because there's only [max] four of them on any given day.  They're productive, reward them.
  • To stress eat your way through some Halloween candy.  They're not large bags and they're fat-free candies.  Well, the Sour Patch Kids and the Swedish Fish are.
  • To want to call out sick when you don't get enough sleep the night before.  Still came into work - power it out!
  • To worry that I've taken too many days off from my CDCs.  I want to do well, I want to advance quickly.  I need things to smooth out so I can re-focus my attention back on my advancement.
  • To miss my friends from BMT and Tech school.  Many of them are still there, working away at their training.
  • To be eager for UTA (drill weekend).  I enjoy putting my training to practice and I found out that I'm going to be able to work on my CDCs through the weekend, rather than have to work a half-UTA because of budget cuts.  It feels like it's been forever since October's UTA.  Give me my DFAC food and let me talk Personnel-speak!
  • To use coupons for pizza at the grocery store for a quick dinner.  Last night's Palermo (?) pizza was really good and only cost us $3 and change!


Cassie said...

I think we're munching on the same FAT FREE candy!!!!

Erin said...

@Cassie - Can I secretly hope no one comes to our house on Halloween so I can have more to myself? ;)