Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What about your friends?

What about my friends?  Well, they're fabulous, as if you could expect anything less from me!  Most of my close knit friends you've already been reading about for months now.  I am blessed and pride myself on having reliable, dependable, thick-and-thin chums, and I hope that I am the same kind of friend for them.

I've had a few people ask me if I was going to have guest posters while I was gone, or if I'm going to be able to update while I'm away.  While I don't have plans to gather up guest posters, I wanted to have someone update the blog, just to keep everyone informed.  I appreciate that you are interested in hearing about how I'm doing and what I'm up to!

Realistically, DH won't be posting in my absence.  He doesn't have a lot of patience with the computer and he barely updates his personal Facebook page.  I'm already saddling him with a significant amount of responsibilities while I'm gone, so to ask him to contribute to the blog would probably be met with a laugh.  Plus, he's one of those guys that leaves out the fun details that we all want to read/hear about!


Trinnie!  My BFF of 10+ years now, we met when I was in my first two years of college, living in the dorms.  We met like so many soul mates do these days - online.  She was unmarried and attending college in New Mexico when I met her.  Oh how times change!  We've only grown stronger in our friendship over the years, and she's truly someone I trust and love without hesitation.  We finally live within a stone's throw of each other and she's extended family.  We talk daily, without fail.  Trinnie is a proud supporter of our military as a member of the USAA team.  She's currently juggling college courses, a live-in MIL, a husband who's back in school himself, a four y/o son, and gestational diabetes with her 2nd child, a boy due no later than July 25th.  She's my partner-in-crime and is ready to step in to help DH with anything that needs handling while I'm gone.  Yes, she has Power of Attorney for me, because I trust her that much.  That's the sort of level we're working at!

Haywee!  Well, that's what her mother's dog, her four-legged brother calls her.  Her name's Haley, as you probably assumed, but if Barkwee [Barkley] calls her Haywee, so will we!  Haywee's mother has a Facebook page for her dog, who interacts with us on a regular basis.  It's actually cute and pretty amusing.  Haywee is 1.5 days away from finishing her first year of teaching!  She went to CU Boulder and UCD, culminating in an MA in SpEd!  Haywee is getting engaged any day now to her boyfriend, who's a DA in a local county.  She's a ball of energy and anxiety, all wrapped up in a gluten and dairy-free package!  Haywee is my work BFF and we keep each other sane.  She's agreed to jump on board the blog team, especially as Trinnie gets closer to her due date.  Yay Haywee! 


Michelle A'etonu said...

sweet! can't wait to hear from these cool ladies!

Sarah said...

Hello to Haywee and Trinnie!