Thursday, May 5, 2011

Things Students Say Thursday #11

In my co-taught geometry class, one of my students (without disabilities) said,

"Mrs. C, did you own parachute pants when you were younger?"

2 Legit 2 Quit!  [Source]

My response was, "Um, no, well...maybe one pair."  I remember having at least one pair of crazy pants, with a big black elastic waistband.  What was my mother thinking?!  I think I wore them with classic black Keds, or something similar.  Definitely my ragamuffin phase...

Speaking of horrid childhood fashions, I was reminiscing the other day about all of the outfits I used to wear to school.  I'm truly surprised by some of the outfits my mother let me get away!  A short skirt with a slit in it?!  Paired with 18-hole Doc Martens?  To school, no less! 

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