Monday, May 2, 2011

Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters 

1.  I was on oovoo video chatting with my fellow May Shippers last night and watching Celebrity Apprentice when the news came on.  I also had Twitter open in another window, and that thing blew up, let me tell you!  I was RTing like a mad woman because there were so many poignant and humorous statements flying around.  I'm really surprised that Twitter didn't hit the FAIL whale overload icon.  Most of the tweets I saw were positive, although there were some people who used the opportunity to make (in my opinion) inappropriate political comments against our president.  Ultimately, I hope those affected by 9/11 can find some sense of healing through this "victory," although I know this changes nothing in regards to the current war.  I saw many "Now bring them home!" statements on Twitter and FB, which is just wishful thinking on their parts.  If only it were that simple.  I also hope it serves as a morale boost for the troops, who must now be vigilant and mindful of retaliation.

2.  Oddly enough, I had noticed heightened security measures on base when I did my usual Sunday routine.  I was carded getting on base, which is a routine procedure, but I was also carded going into the commissary (normally you just get carded when checking out), and also when going into the gym.  I tried to ask about the reason for the extra carding, but didn't get much of an answer, other than it was a random check.  When I heard that Obama was going to address the nation, we (my oovoo group) had assumed it was going to be to address the heightened security level.  Haywee says the security on Carson is pretty nuts today too, since she leaves near one of the gates.

3.  I saw a shirt on a younger guy at the gym that made me think.  It had the image to the right on the front.  The message that went along with it was something to the extent of, "Protecting our unborn bros."  This shirt irked me to no end.  I'm very much Pro-Choice, but setting my beliefs aside, let's think about this for a moment.  How about rather than spending $15 on a t-shirt, you start telling all of your buddies about the importance of wearing condoms and using protection during any sexual encounter?  That seems a lot more effective to me than this stupid t-shirt.  Also, in my mind, if you're irresponsible enough to get a girl knocked up because you didn't insist upon using protection, you have little to no say in whether the mother keeps the baby.  Yes, I know it takes two people to make a baby, but really, how often does the father take 100% responsibility and custody of the child?

4.  I randomly dropped five pounds this week!  Let me backtrack first and say that I don't own a scale.  I've never been hung up on numbers.  Instead, I focus on how my clothes fit and how satisfied I am with my appearance in the mirror.  I'd rather be in shape and physically fit than really skinny.  It's not uncommon for me not to know my own weight when asked (like for ID cards, etc).  I had been weighing in the mid-170s, but I yesterday I weighed 169!  I hear BMT will really make you lose weight quickly, and I'm eager to see what sort of shape I'll be in when it's all done.

5.  I gotta finish this blog post already and go to bed!  I'm running behind tonight and there's no excuses!  Hope everyone's week is off to a great start!    


Michelle said...

YAY for losing 5 lbs! I would love for that to randomly happen to me! HAHA

Taryn said...

As I understand it; the security levels were raised to "Bravo" (Alpha being the highest) due to the possibility for retaliation. Expect increased security measures at the airport for the next several weeks.

PS: YAYYY for losing 5 pounds!! I somehow packed on an extra 10-15 out of freakin nowhere, so I'm hoping to be back down to 120 in the next 2-3 weeks.

Taryn said...

PS: Moleson lost a lot of weight when he went to BMT; and the guy was already a bean pole. He left I think in January? If the guy can drop that much weight in 8 or 9 weeks in winter, imagine what you'll do in the summer!!