Friday, May 6, 2011

Happy MilSpouse Appreciation Day!

I realized something last night.  This isn't my first rodeo as a milspouse - it's the 4th year that I'll get to "celebrate" the day, although there's really nothing different going on tomorrow.  But last night I realized that this year I have to share milspouse appreciation day.

Yes, I suppose I'm not the only special one this year.  DH is a milspouse now too, albeit a new one.  I joked last night that I had to appreciate him too on Friday.

I don't know how well he's doing though - he doesn't even have my social security number memorized yet.  ;)  We'll see how well he does when I'm gone!

To all of you milspouses out there, pat yourselves on the back!  Every day we make the choice to lead a difficult life, in the name of love, country, duty, and we couldn't be more proud!


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Michelle A'etonu said...

great post! happy mil-spouses day to ya! i definitely think you should go for your PhD!!!