Friday, May 6, 2011

5 For Friday with J$

One of Trinnie's favorite blogs is Budgets Are Sexy, written by the witty Mr. J. Money.  He started doing a financial meme recently, so I figured what the hell!  Let's jump on in!

  1. What was your stupidest money mistake this week?  Nothing, honestly.  I haven't spent any money this week (since we don't have any).  We have a few bills coming up that I've been anticipating and DH's paychecks don't come on set days.  
  2. What was your best?  Canceling daily newspaper delivery service and taking it down to Sundays only - I need my coupons!  Also, participating in open enrollment at work!  I was able to get a nice life insurance policy for less than $9 a month (gotta supplement SGLI!), and sign the family up for dental insurance ($35/mo for the family versus $31/mo for DH's daughter only with Tricare Reserve?  That's a no brainer.).
  3. How long would it take you to save an *extra* $1,000?  I can't even conceive of it right now, since we're stretched so thin.  I'm thankful for every month that we're able to pay all of our bills and eat.
  4. What ever happened to Steve Urkel?  Good question!  I used to watch Family Matters all the time when I was younger.
  5. Who is sexier: Suze Orman or Dave Ramsey?  Definitely Dave Ramsey.  Older, bald, and blue eyes?  Sounds like my husband!


Lou said...

Dave Ramsey he is pretty cute!!

Michelle A'etonu said...

tell me more about that life insurance policy! dave ramsey...he looks like a big teddy bear :)