Wednesday, April 20, 2011

WHW: Nashville

It's We Heart Wednesday already, and I have a confession!  I fell in love again this summer, with a big city, no less!  Having grown up in California, I'm not a huge city lover.  I couldn't ever see myself living in a place like that - visiting, yes, living, no.  I need space!  While moving from North Carolina to Colorado, I made a point to stop in places I didn't visit on the way out there, including Nashville and Memphis.  

As a country music fan, Nashville was definitely on my must-see list.  I was making good timing and I was a few hours out when I started surfing on free wi-fi to figure out where to stay.  Thankfully, DH was totally supportive when I called and discussed with him my idea of staying at a nice hotel right downtown, rather than staying further out in a cheaper hotel.  The Renaissance Nashville was top-notch and gave me a military discount, and felt like absolute luxury after a long day of driving.  I would stay there again in a heartbeat, especially since it was within walking distance of the Ryman and the Honky Tonk District.

I'm dying to get out there again and get to spend more than 24 hours exploring, catching great bands, dancing, and eating amazing food!


hmb said...

Nashville is my playground :) The next time you go, eat at the Pancake Pantry! It's fabulicious!

Michelle said...

I want to go to Nashville so bad! I've been once but it was a long time ago and I was a teenager. I love country music and am hoping to go soon! Great pictures!

Erin said...

@hmb - Jealous!! If we ever got stationed at Campbell (if DH ever went active again), I'd be in hog heaven! I need to push for that one if the chance ever comes up!

@Michelle - It was AMAZING, to say the least! I rolled into town around 5 or 6 pm, went down for a nap, then walked downtown to eat BBQ and hit the clubs. Robert's Western World is my absolute fave, for classic honky tonk sound. I happened to go there on a night when a group of really good dancers were having a get-together, so I had plenty of good dance partners. I wandered to the big country bar, but the place was DEAD. Overall, an amazing night and my hotel was TDF! The Aveda supplies in the bathroom were top-notch and worth buying at full-size and full-price.