Wednesday, April 13, 2011

WHW: Michelle Obama

 Whether you agree with her husband's politics or not, you have to admire Michelle Obama for bringing back style to the White House.  I recently read that she was actually Barack's superior when they first met, and he had to pester her until she finally agreed to go out with them.  I love that she exudes confidence and has such an easy elegance and flair to her style.  She seems like such a loving woman, and I love those great photos of how she looks at her husband and her children.  One of these days, I'm hoping something clicks in my mind on how to throw together a great outfit.  In the meantime, I'll just focus on my makeup!

I wish this was me on Thursday.

Sadly, we found out today that our (Haywee and I) chances of getting into the event on Thursday (at my own school!) is slim to none.  Teachers are being picked based on seniority, which was devastating to hear today.  With the amount of security in place, I'm not getting my hopes up to even see her in person, and I think my only shot of the event is going to be through a televised broadcast on campus.  Keep your fingers crossed that something comes through for all of us!


Sarah said...

Fingers crossed that you get to see the first lady!

AK said...

She, like her husband, DO seem to have good intentions. I honestly kind of feel for them because they walked into a shitstorm of problems this country is still currently facing. I hope you get to see her! :D

Erin said...

Thanks everyone!