Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thursday 5

It has been so busy around here lately, and I miss last week's Thursday 5.  I really want to mow down some Oreos and milk before I do my pushups and call it a night, but I know I need to jump in here and update!  This week's words are:


1.  I don't think I have anything dazzling 'round these parts!  I could go for some dazzling spring days though!  Lots of sunshine, warmth, and great running weather!  Maybe it's time to do the Incline again soon...

2.  It would be spectacular if we could find out if our contracts are being renewed at school sometime soon (right Haywee?!).  They're really dragging this one out, especially if you consider that we only have 26 school days left.  It'd be nice to know already, although I'm not horribly worried.

3.  I'm a little too excited about my terrific new running hat.  Gotta love the shopping choices at the PX!  With spring and summer here, I want to protect both my eyes and my skin.  I don't have any sunglasses that are running-appropriate yet, so I'm glad to have this new hat.  I think my dad has something similar, so we can be twinsies.  I would love to visit him out in CA eventually, and meet Mrs. Wookie in the process!  Group run, anyone?

4.  This week has been less than perfect at work.  It's been a very blah week.  It should've been amazing, since I finished all of my IEPs, but I managed to acquire another student and there was more drama at work than I'd care to deal with - it makes me a little eager to get going with BMT already.          

5.  I'm ecstatic that tomorrow is Friday, although I volunteered to supervise at my school's talent show tomorrow, which means I need to squeeze in a run and dinner before reporting back to school in the evening.  It's been a long week and I didn't manage to get the nap in today that I wanted.  I'm doing the talent show to support one of my students though, and I can't wait to see him dance!

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