Thursday, April 14, 2011

Things Students Say Thursday #8

Man, do I have some stories for you today!  It's been a crazy week at school, given the main event, and it made for some great conversations with the friends!

1.  I was wearing green eyeshadow one day this week (from the Wet 'N Wild Comfort Zone 8-pan palette).

Female Student: What color are your eyes?
Mrs. C: Hazel
Student: They look poop brown.
Mrs. C: Um, wow!
Student: Can I borrow an eraser?
Mrs. C: Not after that!

2.  One of my favorite students, "J," is a 9th grade boy, black, and an Army brat.  He has such a friendly, outgoing personality, with a little bit of cockiness to him, but in a joking sort of way.  He got stuck on the name "Mac" the other day, and after saying it with his last name a few times, he said he was going to name is daughter that.  He asked for my input, and I asked if he was going to make it short for something, like "Mackenzie," to which he replied, "No, that's a white girl's name.  I have a neighbor named Mackenzie."  It was hilarious at the time, I promise!  I'm going to be seriously bummed when he PCSes this summer, but his dad's finishing up at CSM school, so I wish their family the best.

3.  One of our most distinguished seniors was chosen to say the pledge at today's event with Mrs. Obama and Dr. Biden.  This young man is wonderfully mannered, really motivated, son of a single parent, and a local to the area.  He's one of our stand-out leaders at school, and everyone loves him.  He was recently accepted into Morehouse, which was his top choice school.  He ended up getting to meet Mrs. Obama and give her a hug.  When he told us (and others) about getting to give her a hug, he exclaimed, "Her shirt was so soft!"

4.  I dressed up for the occasion today, naturally, and put a lot of effort into my appearance (curled hair, manicure, big makeup, dress, heels, the works).  When I saw my kids in 6th period, one of my female students said, "With your makeup and hair, you look like someone from the 80's!"  Knowing that she meant it as a compliment, I said "thank you," although I thought to myself, well, I was born in 1980!  


Our Little Fam said...
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Our Little Fam said...

haha oh man, funny stuff. Number one made me laugh. Silly students!