Thursday, April 7, 2011

Things Students Say Thursday #7

I suppose I should do my own linky, right?  :)  Thanks for being patient with me, everyone.  I have a triennial IEP tomorrow (a big re-evaluation), five next week, and we had standardized testing again this week.  I'm so spent it's not even funny.  I just wanted to crash on the couch tonight and do nothing!  Luckily my IEP isn't until later in the day tomorrow, which means I have my two prep periods to work on it as well.  I have everything I need, I just need to finalize some things and finish it up.

Here are my tidbits for the week!

1st: Remember Pure Heart, one of my favorite students?  He has Autism, so some non-literal phrases and expressions escape him.  When I was teaching 7th (the last period of the day) today, the kids seemed really tired and out of it.  At one point I said to the class, "C'mon, you guys look like a bunch of slugs" and "I need all of you!"  Pure Heart, who needs a lot of affirmation, asked later on (in his slowed speech), "Am I a slug?"  "Do I need all?"  Ah, Pure Heart, I love you!  You're too cute!

2nd: One of my other favorite students referred to a radical symbol (in all seriousness) as a "Ricardo" in my co-taught Algebra 1A class.  Amusing, indeed!  He caught himself after the fact.

3rd: A former student of mine (he used to be on my caseload) was giving another peer a hard time because he had asked for some lotion.  The former student (who is multiracial) told this other kid that he didn't need lotion because he was white, and therefore wasn't ashy.  [I may have rolled my eyes at this point.]  I did correct him and let him know that everyone needs lotion for moisturization.  Silly student, lotion's for everyone!  At this age, students are very concerns with ashiness, let me tell you.  They carry the sorts of full-sized pump bottles that I reserve for once a day after my shower.  Moisturization is important enough to interrupt class.  Can you imagine if I interrupted teaching to tend to my skin?  Too funny!


Megan Dub-Yuh said...

Ah ashiness i remember thee. Last year I had brought in all of my neighbor's and my unwanted lotions and kept them in my desk. It was the lotion/band aid drawer and the students could help themselves whenever ashiness struck as long as it wasnt during direct instruction. By the end of the year most all of the lotion was gone.

And I think I will call radicals Ricardo from now on... I like it!!

Sara Mac said...

I'm awarding you with the Stylish Blogger Award! Go to the link to hear more!