Monday, April 4, 2011

Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

1.  Wrist still hurts, sadly.  I saw the athletic trainer at school about it, and he says there's some mild swelling.  I have good range of motion though, so it's not too bad.  He recommended doing pushups on my knuckles - ha ha ha!  I'm improving in my strength, but I'm not that good!  Maybe I could do ones holding my dumbells, since I can grip things (I just can't extend my hand back or to the side).  Regardless, it's a running day for me.  I see a nap in my future after that, especially since DH is working at his unit again and FIL is out of town.

2.  FIL is out of town for a week (or more)!  This is exciting since it means more alone time for me and DH (as if he had free time lately).  He's visiting his brother and helping them do some home improvement.  I did joke that I wasn't going to have a dishwasher for the week, and we all know DH isn't jumping to assume that responsibility.  FIL does a good job of staying out of our way and doing his own thing, but it'll still be nice to have the house to ourselves.  Plus, FIL's already asked if I need him to bring anything back from Trader Joe's!  Score!  That's one downside to Colorado - no Trader Joe's.

3.  Love me some Exchange!  I hit the BX to look for sweats for DH the other day, and managed to find a small sports watch on clearance for $11.  A watch was one of the optional items to bring to BMT, and I didn't want to bring my Garmin for obvious reasons.  I came home, set that bad boy to military time, and checked one of the final items off my list.  DH asked why I didn't just take his watch.  Um, no?  I will not be taking your $100+ fancy aviation watch to BMT, even if it has made it through a deployment and it's rugged.  I'm assuming I'm going to be crawling through a mud puddle at some point, and I'd rather mess up an $11 watch than a $100 watch.

4.  I have an IEP this Friday and four next week.  NOT pretty, to say the least!  Poke me in the eye!  I'm going to be SO glad when April is over, aside from celebrating Trinnie and DH's birthdays.  April is a non-stop month for me.  If you've never seen one, just know that they're lots of paperwork, lots of coordinating with other teachers, and they culminate in a long meeting.  I'm going to be hating life next week.  I have less time to do stuff in as well, since we have standardized testing going on this week.

5.  The day is almost over.  :)  One period to go!  If any of you have seen my favorite movie, Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, sometimes I start singing, "One more period until we get to heaven!"  More like nap time, not heaven, but it's pretty damn close!

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