Sunday, April 17, 2011

Milspouse Friday (Sunday?) Fill-In #37

1.  With PCS moves happening every few years, do you take the time to paint and decorate your home?  submitted by Life as Mrs. JPT  We've only truly PCSed to one place together, and that was Fort Bragg.  I did paint and decorate there, to make it seem like "home" for when DH returned from Afghanistan.  We were only there for a year and then he ETSed and we moved here.  We haven't painted here, since everything is a neutral beige, and we would like to buy at some point.  We've decorated, of course!  You can't have an undecorated home - it would have no soul, no life in it!  You need those family pictures and personal touches.

2.  If you could live in any home on a television series, what would it be?  submitted by Standing By Him  I really don't pay attention to TV homes, and since most of what I watch is reality TV, there's nothing that I'm crazy about.  I prefer arts and crafts bungalows or Victorian homes, and I'm scratching my brain trying to think of one right now.

3.  What inspired you to start your blog?  submitted by Pink Combat Boots  I started off doing a beauty blog with a military twist ("Made-Up in America") with my friend Trinnie, but there was so much else that I wanted to share from my personal story.  I was already following so many other fabulous milspouse bloggers, and I hoped to have the same sort of success and enjoyment from my own writing.  I think my story is somewhat unique, as a milspouse who has chosen to enlist late in life.  I hope others enjoy reading about my challenges as much as I love writing about them!

4.  What is the weirdest thing you’ve ever seen on base?  submitted by Adventures in Life  I haven't seen too many weird things (we've never lived on post), but I have seen some weird/stupid stuff.  The weird/stupid award goes to the female passenger on the back of a motorcycle.  Most all of us know about the strict rules for riding a motorcycle on post - long pants, tall boots, full-fingered gloves, helmet, long sleeves, reflective belt or vest, etc.  This woman was wearing a camisole, no helmet, and shorts.  Um, hello?  I would think that as a passenger you'd follow the lead of the rider, but maybe there's a loophole?  It was weird and stupid, coming from me, a rider.

5.  Which historical figure (politician, writer, artist, scientist, actor, etc…) would you like to have dinner with?  submitted by Army of Two  Without a doubt, Margaret "The Unsinkable Molly" Brown!  She is my favorite female historical figure.  She was a pioneer in solo female travel and a champion for women's rights.  The Molly Brown House is one of my "Must See" locations in the Denver area.  Yes, I know and love all of the songs in the musical!  [BTW, this question was written by Natalia, who's away at BCT right now!  I need to write her a letter already!]

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