Saturday, April 23, 2011

Friday Night Blogger Award!

Happy Friday night!  [Well, I started this Friday, finishing it on Saturday.]  You gettin' wild over there?  I just got home from our school talent show, but more on that in a bit.  The lovely Ms. Kayla over at Packing His Bags; Preparing My Heart threw me a little love tonight with this Stylish Blogger Award.  If you saw me on a daily basis, you'd know I'm not that stylish, but shh!  I've got her fooled!  ;)

I'm going to cheat a little on this one, since I've already been award (and re-awarded it), but I will jot down seven random facts for you!

7 Things About Me

1.  I was a sorority girl reject.  Mhmm!  Bet you didn't know that one!  It seems really implausible now, but trust me, it's true.  Back when I started college, I was very much into my whole rockabilly, subculture, cool kid, "that's not my thing" attitude.  I went through the rush process because my mom really wanted me to - she was a Tri-Delt.  I went from house to house in a vintage 50's day dress, and God only knows what my interviews were like.  I think I only went through the process for two rounds or so, before no one invited me back.  No, I never made it to the stage when people invited you to pledge.  I was a complete shut-out!  All is well though, as I ended up moving back home after my second year and commuting, after my mom died.

2.  I was a Teach For America reject.  Yeup, they didn't want me either.  I really must have been a horrible interviewer back then!  I think I applied in my 3rd or 4th year of college, after seeing a friend go through the process.  It really wasn't compatible with my life at the time, but I thought it'd be a good move.  I made it to the second interview when I was rejected.  I was devastated at the time, but it all worked out.  I did my credentialing the traditional way and had a wonderful experience at CSULB.  If you really think about it, I probably wouldn't have ended up in Special Ed if I went through TFA, since that occurred as a result of my experience at CSULB.  I love my job, I love my field, and I really wouldn't have it any other way.

3.  I'll be the first to tell you that it wasn't until my 4th year of teaching that I felt confident and sure of myself in the classroom.  During those first few years, I was sure that I wasn't going to be in the classroom for long, and I was looking for other opportunities in the field of high education.  Now, I'm happy as a clam and loving it!  Confidence makes all of the difference in the world.

4.  I have a wicked sweet tooth.  I would rather workout more than drastically change all of my eating habits or deprive myself.  I'm about ready to go to the kitchen and grab four Oreos and a cup of milk.  And it will be good!

5.  Trinnie bought me a four pack of Michael Jackson pin-back buttons.  If I add them all to my staff ID lanyard, I'm going to start looking like a waitress alongside Jennifer Aniston in Office Space - check out my flair!  I already have that Antoine Dodson pin on my ID, although it's small and discreet.

6.  As I type this, I'm stalling and putting off what I should really be doing - an exhaustion test for both my pushups and sit-ups.  You can imagine how excited I am to do both of these things, although at least I don't have to do multiple sets.  This is just a test to see if I'm ready to progress to my next two weeks in Hundred Pushups and Two Hundred Sit-ups, and if so, where I'm at.  I feel like I've been digressing in both of these areas, and getting much better at my running.  [Update: I can do at least 41 sit-ups, which is what I need to move on to the next week.  Now to do my pushups...]

7.  I'm scraping the bowl to think of something else for about, "I dream of vacations?"  If you're able to take a vacation with your spouse, you're extremely fortunate and you should consider yourself blessed.  I envy you immensely.  I really wish they allowed reservists to go on marriage retreats, if they're on full-time, active duty orders.  I could really use a getaway with DH.  I would love to be able to pull together enough cash to either go on a cruise with him during my Thanksgiving vacation, or ensure that we have our plane tickets for Mexico over Christmas.  I'm crossing my fingers that 2011 is our year!        

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