Sunday, April 3, 2011

April DEP Meeting

I had a DEP meeting today.  DEP isn't something I've explained too much around here, but it stands for "Delayed Entry Program," which is what I'm considered (a DEPr).  Anyone who isn't leaving immediately after signing up is in the DEP program.  Since I'm not leaving right away, I have to check in regularly with my recruiter.  At the beginning of the month we have physical check-ins, and at the mid-month we have phone call (or text) check-ins.  My recruiter has been very lenient with me, since I'm an older recruit and she knows she can trust me.

The funny part about DEP meetings is that we have to sign off on a checklist.  Let me amuse you with the questions, in my own words:

  • Any significant changes in your financial status?  Nope, we're still broke.  :)
  • Any new traffic violations?  Believe it or not, no!  *knock on wood*
  • Have you been charged, arrested, cited, or held for questioning?
  • Any pending police or civil action?
  • Involvement in any drug activity?  
  • Using any legal drugs for other purposes?
  • Any change in dependency status?
  • Are you pregnant or have you impregnated anyone?  DH would joke that we'd have to have sex to make that happen.
  • Have you had an irregular cycle or an abortion?
  • Any surgeries, injuries, or illness?  *cough cough*
  • Anything stopping you from leaving?  Heel-nah!
  • Direct Deposit ready to go?  Money?  Yes please!
  • DO you have a social security card, picture ID, driver's license?
  • Anything changed or inaccurate in your enlistment paperwork?
  • Any new tattoos or body mods?  None at all, believe it or not.

After I went through the checklist, I asked my recruiter if she was going to weigh me.  She look at me for a sec and said, "Nah, you're not overweight."  Gotta love it!  I weighed in and I know my weight has dropped since our last meeting, which is great.  I don't have a scale at home, so I just go by how I feel and how my clothes fit.  I think the max for my age is in the 190s, so there's no danger that I'll hit that, especially with all of the training I'm doing.

The best part about today's meeting?  I finally met another recruit who's shipping out with me on the same day!  I didn't have anyone before, and I'm super excited.  She's only a year younger than me and she graduated from the high school that I work at.  I've already hooked up with her on FB and connected her with the groups of May Shippers and the May 31st BMT crowd.  I'm really hoping that we'll get to fly out together.  She's in the education field as well, and majored in math - does it get any better?!

I was able to get DH and DD (DH's daughter) into DEERS, which was a big feat since we had misplaced her birth certificate at home.  Luckily, I found it and I was able to enroll them, despite needing to bring back copies of their social security cards later.

Great DEP meeting, can't complain!  I'm 57 days out!


Beckie said...

Oh how exciting!

Those answers you wrote made me giggle :).

And I LOVEEEE the new layout!!

Erin said...

Thanks hon, on all accounts! :)