Sunday, April 10, 2011

50 Days Out!

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It's official!  I'm 50 days out from leaving for BMT!  

This weekend has been a mix of good fitness days and bad fitness days.  Friday before I had baseball duty I went for a run around the school campus.  It was my first "no stops" run at this altitude, for a total of 1.22 miles at a rate of 9:37 miles per minute.  It's amazing how different a run at school feels, versus a run around my neighborhood, which has significantly more hills.  It was nice to know that I can be consistent in my run, and I know I'll do better in Texas.

Saturday I didn't do anything.  It was supposed to be my pushup/sit-up day, but DH took the day off from his academy and drill was cancelled, so we spent a lot of quality time together.  That was important - it was a good "relationship builder" day, and we haven't had one of those in a while.  I found out that FIL will be gone for at least another week, if not two, so we have some more alone time before he gets back.

Today I tried to make up for the missed day.  I didn't run outside, but got myself over to the gym.  I ran at least a mile on the treadmill, then proceeded to do 15 minutes on the elliptical.  I actually did the majority of my usual weight training routine without an issue, and that felt good.  I've been feeling really weak again in my upper body, since I haven't done anything for a week.  I'm hoping to being my pushups again tomorrow, or at least do a modified version of them holding dumbells - that or planks.  I just need to do something.  We're running out of time!

I have some exciting news to tell you about, but I need to work on an IEP for tomorrow.  It's BIG news (not about me personally), and it's worth it!


Taryn said...

Seriously? Cliff hanger?! BOO.

Sarah said...

What T said