Friday, March 11, 2011

Weekend Fitness and Fun at School!

Yay for 22 minute classes and a department potluck today!  This day has been flying by, and the kids are out of the room before we even have a chance to get started.  Being the mean teacher that I am, I gave my kids a quiz today!  Woot!  Bell to bell, baby, bell to bell!  One more period to go and we send these little goobers on their way!  They're not complaining either, they're on the bus by 11:15 and heading home.

I went the cheap and easy route for the potluck today - two batches of Duncan Hines brownies, yum!  No skimping in my world, we're grubbing!  The rest of the day will be spent doing paperwork, hanging out, and bailing as soon as the end of our work day hits.

I have three more funny teaching stories for the day!

1.  One of our paraeducators was working with a student who is hard to motivate.  He doesn't speak much, and lately we've been dragging the horse to water, so to speak. They were filling out a worksheet for health class, and the student asked again what the word was that they were supposed to write down.  "'Penis,' so-and-so, 'penis.'"  This student has the sort of demeanor where you don't know if he was questioning the para on purpose, just to make her say the word again, or if he was really being serious.

2.  A student just approached me and asked what it felt like to be pregnant.  I was sitting with my co-teacher, so needless to say, I passed that to her.  This student was really cute about it, saying he can't wait to feel his future wife's pregnant belly, and going on about how cool pregnant bellies look.

3.  A student was working on my computer today, and left me this post-it note: "ms. ur really black and cool and exciting and wanderful yea."  I assume that mean I have earned street cred in his eyes, since I'm pretty white to the naked eye.  ;)

In other weekend news, nothing crazy planned, like usual.  Today is a running day for me and I get to use my new Garmin!  I can't wait to take off in a different direction than my usual and see how I do when it runs stats.  I'm aiming for something downhill, or maybe something around the grassy area beside our neighborhood.

Trinnie's hoping to go buy more maternity tops this weekend, so I may be along for moral support.  I'm hoping to log more hours at the gym, and maybe even indulge in the sauna.

Other than that, happy Friday everyone!  I'm in a good mood, after a department potluck and an Antoine Dodson sing-along.  :)


Trinnie S said...

Mrs C, you're downer than the floor!!!

Erin said...

@Trinnie - Don't you know it! That may have been one of my best comments EVER!