Wednesday, March 2, 2011

TSST #2, Etsy, Giveaway, and Pure Chaos

So much for working out this evening.  My mind is elsewhere, and my outlook is dim.  I came home to find out that FIL won't be able to give us his share of the rent this month.  Most of you know that we're already scraping the bowl this month, and this threw me into panic mode.  When I go into panic mode, I start re-evaluating my things - what can I sell to scrape up some cash?  What have I been holding onto that needs to go?  Off to Etsy I went, as soon as dinner was over.

Due to the circumstances, I had to remove the coupon code that I had running.  I know it may not seem 100% logical, but right now is prime selling time for VLV and I literally can't afford to lose anything to discounts right now.  I still do pride myself on being a reasonable seller, and I'm not out to take people to the cleaners.  Thank you for passing along my link to anyone you know who may be interested.

Don't forget about my $35 CSN gift card giveaway!  I've had minimal entries, so you have a great chance at winning!  The contest closes tomorrow, Thursday, at 11:59 PM MST.

My most memorable comment today came from a student who was having a hard time focusing in class, due to some sort of issue with the ladies.  I tried to redirect him to his very important notes, to which he replied, "But math doesn't hug you."  My response was, "That's what we have others for."  Awh!  Poor kid, he's a good guy, very soft-spoken, and I really like him as a student.

My other OMGWTF moment today came when I set my cardigan down on a desk in class.  One of my students (you'd need to have the background info I can't provide to truly appreciate this) asked whose sweater it was.  When I said it was mine, he sniffed it and passed it back to me.  I couldn't help but turn around and burst out laughing.  So much for a teachable moment about appropriate behaviors and boundaries, Mrs. C!  He's a super cute kid, and I love having him in my class.

So, other than a couple smiley moments here and there, it's been a pretty stressful day.  I have a couple huge IEPs coming up, back to back, not to mention a formal observation.  Poke me in the eye right now, seriously.


Natalia said...

I hate times like that, hopefully things will improve. Hang in there!!

Erin said...

Thanks hon, I'm trying!

Sarah said...

LOL he sniffed it? haha.

Erin said...

Yes, yes he did. :)