Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Things Students Say Thursday #6

Nothing horribly crazy this week, but a few tidbits.

1.  A student approached me today and said, "Three stripes in your sweater look like Neopolitan ice cream."  Um, thanks?  Can we have ice cream now?

2.  The best thing all week didn't happen to me, but happened to Haywee.  She got a email from a student, who happened to not be present that day at school.  What did it say, dare you ask?  Well, it was a testimonial request for!  Yes, can you believe it?!  The dating site!  Really?!  What was this student thinking?!  I told her she needed to write one and say, "So-and-so has a bad attitude in class.  He frequently neglects to turn in his assignments."  [For all of you that are concerned out there, yes, this student is of legal age.]

3.  If you know my love of makeup, you know my heart smiled when I heard one of the kids on my caseload told her table partner that she was wearing three shades of blue on her lids.  So proud!  *wipes tear from eye*  I love both of those two.  The boy is temperamental, but he comes from a challenging background and I know he just needs love (and structure, and all that good stuff).  He is an amazing dancer and pays particular attention to making sure his clothes are color coordinated.  A boy after my own heart!  

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Our Little Fam said...

hahaha, love the first one! :)