Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Things Students Say Thursday #3

Two things to share this week!  One is a reoccurring theme, the other was a one-time conversation today!

Today in 7th period, we were reviewing word problems, identifying key words, and setting up the problem.  I'm completely guilty of going off on tangents myself, because I do believe there's benefit in those personal, relationship building conversations.

9th Grade Student: "Mrs. C, would you quit your job if you won the lotto?"
Me: "Well [hesitantly], it depends on how much the winnings were."
9GS: "What if it was, oh, 10 million dollars."
Me: [Again, hesitantly] "Then yes, I'd probably take a break and come back to it."
9GS: [Muttering something about vacations and mentioned himself.]
Me: "Yes, I'd take a vacation, but you would not be going along!"  :)

One of the biggest reactions I get out of students is when they finally put two and two together and realize that I'm married.  I'm not sure why this comes as a surprise to them.  I don't talk about DH in class much, and my office is in another room.  I don't have pictures of the two of us displayed.  I do always wear my wedding ring to school, so that's not the reason.  Typically out of nowhere, I'll have a student exclaim loudly,

"Mrs. C, you're married?!"

Um, yes kids.  You've only been calling me "Mrs. C" for the entire school year.  I wear my ring every day.  Lately my response has been,

"What, do you think because I'm a math teacher I must go home to my miserable life and my twenty cats every day?"

I can't emphasize enough that I get asked this all the time.  I do joke with the kids about it, so don't think that the above quote is said in a snotty/rude manner.  I have to give them a hard time about it.  Maybe it's because my ring is atypical, but the kids just never seem to conceive of me as a married lady, for whatever reason. :)


Sarah said...

LOL, you mean you REALLY are Married? hehe.

Michelle said...

LOL you're married?! I love the response you've been giving lately! HAHA

Erin said...

@Sarah - Believe it or not, yes! I know you're always used to seeing me alone, but I do have a special guy at home! ;)

@Michelle - Thanks! I love working with high schoolers where we can get away with that sort of thing!