Sunday, March 27, 2011

Nice Girls

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 After getting home from the gym and the commissary, it was time for a nap, clearly!    I ate my PBJ and hoped my cramps would go away, but alas, no.  In the middle of my nap, I got a blocked call, and it turned out to be my grandma (mom's mom), which isn't atypical of her.

Grandma lives back in California, in the high desert.  She's in her mid-80's, but she's always been an active, go-getter.  My tendency to ramble and my love for antiques comes from her.  I love my grandma because she understands that we're busy and don't often call or visit.  She doesn't hold that against us.  It always makes for a pleasant catch-up call when we do connect with her.

I realized I hadn't told her yet about the Air Force, so I broke out with that news right away.  She was ecstatic, and so excited for me, which didn't come as too much of a surprise.  My grandpa was in the Army, my uncle (her son) was in the Navy, and she's always been very proud of my brother.

Enter her own cute story!  She proceeded to tell me that when she was around the age of 21, she approached her dad about joining the Navy to become a WAVE.  He was in support of it, but when she went to her mother she was told...

nice girls don't do that.

So, my grandma didn't become a WAVE and she followed the "nice girl" path that her mother told her about - marriage and a big family (grandma had five kids).  My grandma wasn't a complete doormat though, and in response she gave the names of five of her mother's friends whose daughters were serving in the WAVES.  Of course, the response was, "well that's different."

Grandma told me she wishes she would've been a WAVE, and is excited that I'm making my life an adventure!  I love having family support and I love the history of service in my family!

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Lou said...

that is so awesome, support is all you need! Thats so cute!