Sunday, March 6, 2011

Mrs. Yellow Ribbon's Ring Link-Up

Mrs. Yellow Ribbon is hosting a "Show Me Your Rings" link-up that everyone except me has done at this point.  I'm finally jumping in.  First thing you should know is that this is not my first rodeo (more on that later).  Without further ado, I present my ring...

NOTD: Sinful Colors Mint Apple with SH Hidden Treasure

1.  Did you look at rings together?  Yes we did.  When we made the decision to get married between BCT and AIT, we decided to go ring shopping together before he left.  It also gave us the opportunity to put our rings on layaway and pay them off before I drove out to FLW to see my soldier and get married!

2.  Do you like your ring?  Did you from the beginning?...and be honest!  I sure hope so, I picked it out!  I went looking at plain bands, since we didn't have a lot of money at the time, but the colored stones were right next to them, and I spotted this bad boy!  The center has four small sapphires and the sides have pavé-set diamond chips.

3.  How often do you wear your rings?  Apparently I'm the exception to the rule around here.  My ring (and any other jewelry) is the first thing I take off when I get home, along with my shoes and my bra.  I typically only wear my ring when I'm leaving the house.  I don't like to put on lotion or wash my hands when I have it on.  I had a dry skin condition at one point when I was wearing it all the time, so I let me finger "air out" now.

4.  Do you clean your rings?  Not very often.  I usually clean them if I'm going to a big event, with the blue cleaner I was given for my first (old) ring.  We bought them at a small shop back home in CA, so I don't get it inspected.

5.  What went through your mind the very first time you saw your ring?  I don't remember a whole lot, but I knew that it was perfect for me.  It was an antique, deco-style, it wasn't traditional, and it wasn't much more than a plain band.  Like the salesperson said, I could wear it as a right hand ring if we ever "upgraded," but I don't ever see us doing so.

My Thoughts on Rings
Having been married before, I've had the big traditional wedding with the big traditional wedding ring.  My first ring was a full carat, princess cut, the whole sheboygan.  I never had a wedding band, since I don't care for how some look with the ring, especially ones that aren't soldered, or ones that aren't made to match.  I was 22 when I got married, and yes, I do consider myself as having been married too young.

My priorities have changed so much since I was 22.  I would never consider a big ring at this stage in my life - it's just not worth the expense, in my opinion.  When I think of the $5000 price tag that came with my ring, I think of so many other things - paying off debt, buying a home, purchasing the Electrolux washer and dryer that benefits OCRF, etc.
The funny thing about rings?  I get more compliments and praise about my cheap little ring than I ever did for my big one.  Traditional rings are a dime a dozen.  I know I only take note of rings if they're ridiculously large (and typically it's a snarky comment), or if they're unique.  I like antique rings, atypical rings, and I like rings with (family) history.  Personal preference, I know, but my two cents.

With BMT coming up, I don't want to take my ring with me, as I don't want anything to happen to it.  It's a pretty hardy ring, but I would hate to have something happen to it, or God-forbid, to lose it.  I'm planning to get a tungsten unisex comfort band to wear while I'm at BMT.  Gotta love cheap metals!


McDancer said...

I absolutely think your ring is fantastic! I love the art deco look. Beautiful!

Erin said...

Thank you! I really love deco-inspired rings!