Monday, March 21, 2011

Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

1.  Funny how when I'm home all day, with no school, I'm not on the computer blogging (for once)!  :)  Yay me!  I love all of you, and I love writing for you, but it was good to get things done around the house today (and I'm still not done).  I had to catch up on the weekend chores that I put off, knowing that I had time.  I changed our Scentsy warmers, which always makes my house smell fresh, and therefore deceptively clean.  I'm almost done with laundry and I finally threw out the dying flowers from when Noelle was here.  The best part?  I finally re-organized the drawers in my dresser.  My school is having a clothing drive for the needy in our area, and I really needed to donate/throw out my older clothes that I wasn't wearing.  I made a huge dent in our bedroom organization and I have a file-sized box to take into school!

2.  Are you a piler?  DH and I are totally guilty of it.  The junk in our bedroom that remains is organized into multiple piles on the floor.  We have piles on our breakfast bar, and our office floor is covered in piles.  I hate piles.  I really wish they would magically disappear, but alas, they don't.  I'm hoping to finish off the piles in our bedroom this evening, and I'd be working on that right now if I wasn't waiting on DH so we could go run some errands.  My goal for this break is to organize the bedroom and the office, since they're not going to do themselves and DH is making no fast moves to get to them.

3.  I love being creative and crafty, but my urges go in spurts.  I haven't made anything in a long time.  This would be the week to do something fun, but it's a little hard when my sewing room/office is a total CF.  I'm hoping that if I get that room organized, that I'll be motivated to do something - scrapbooking, sewing, whatever.  I never finished DH's Army scrapbook, and I think I left off somewhere in AIT.  Oops!  Luckily he ETSed, or else I'd really be behind!  I joked a while back, asking if he was going to make me an Air Force scrapbook.  You can imagine the response I got.  :)

4.  I finally ordered myself a Road ID with some of my Etsy money!  I'm so excited and I see so much potential for this little bracelet!  I saw it on my dad first, but really saw the benefit (for more than just running) after reading the testimonials on the website.  They're designed for athletes - originally runners, I'm sure, but they work for pretty much anything.  The "interactive" model, like I got, has your name engraved on it, as well a second line of info (for me it was city, state, country).  There's an 800 number and a serial/pin that are on the back.  Basically, if I ever were to hurt myself and be unable to community important information, EMTs and other emergency personnel can call in and get my information.  It's a great way to "carry ID" when you're running, without having to manage all of those cards and where to keep them.  I also think it's a great idea for my motorcycle riding.  I got mine in yellow, so it's easily spotted and so it matches my PGR gear (cheesy, I know, but they come six colors and green wasn't an option).  These run $19.99, and the "interactive" service is only $9.99 a year, after the first, free year.  I think it's a deal for peace of mind.  Nope, I'm not being sponsored by them, and I bought this with my own money.  To ice the cake?  How about the fact that they donate a portion of proceeds to the charity of your choice (out of six), and one of them is the Wounded Warrior Project?  Done!  Can't wait to get mine!  Want one of your own?  Use code ThanksErin4937869 for $1 off for the next thirty days!

5.  Tonight I'm starting week two of hundred pushups and two hundred sit-ups.  I felt a lot stronger the other night when I was doing my sit-ups, which was a great feeling.  Yay for core strengthening, since I desperately need it!  70 days left until I leave for BMT!

[BTW, I get no compensation or perks for you buying your own Road ID and using that coupon.]


Sarah said...

Love the ID bracelet, that's such a great idea.

Erin said...

Thanks Sarah, I knew you'd love it, being a nurse! ;)