Monday, March 7, 2011

Miscellany Monday - Weekend Recap

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

1.  I had my first DEP meeting on Sunday.  I was hoping my experience would be like those of my fellow May shippers, but alas, it wasn't.  It was just me weighing in (she put me as 173, but I don't feel like I'm losing a lot of weight) and signing off on my checklist.  We do our checklist twice a month, indicating if we've had a financial change, gotten a ticket, had any surgeries, gotten pregnant, etc.  She then took me to do a meet and greet at my receiving unit.  It was intimidating to walk into a building where everyone was in a flight suit except three or so people in ABUs and myself in civilian clothes.  I'm sure the novelty will wear off eventually, but in the meantime, I knew I'd walked into one of Taryn's fantasies (love you T!).  We got a mixed reception when I arrived.  The person my recruiter was hoping to see wasn't there and the sergeant I spoke with was really busy.  The good news is that they already knew my name and knew that they were expecting me.  The curveball in the plan is that I'm going to be training with the communications unit when I come back, rather than reporting directly to them.  My recruiter says this is a good thing and that the comm guys are a good group.  We don't know if I'll end up back in the comm unit or in my original unit, but it's supposed to be a good move for me either way, in terms of the training.

2.  I finally made my first big BMT purchase.  Yes, just like my buddy Natalia (@ Army of Two DC), it was time for the fancy, expensive panties.  Thank God for the BX, as they had Under Armour heat gear, moisture wicking, full-butted panties in stock in my size, in addition to the compression shorts I can opt to buy for underneath my PT shorts.  I'm sure DH would hope that if I spent $132 on underwear that it went for something he can enjoy, but nope!  I need something that's not going to annoy me in the Texan summer heat.

3.  I ventured over to the Peterson AFB PFC, since I was on base already.  Whoa...definitely nicer than Carson's!  Multiple levels, a smoothie bar, tons of places where you can "hide" and workout in peace without a crowd around you, an indoor track, cardio machines that face windows that look out at a track and Pikes Peak, and I think I spied at least two full basketball courts.  I put in a good hour over there, and signed up as an alternate (the class was full) for a rock climbing wall certification class!  I would love to be able to do some rock climbing again, especially if I can do it for free on base.  The local indoor walls in this area are fairly pricey, and cost-prohibitive for me.  I don't go to the actual gym too often, but I think this is going to be my gym of choice in the future.  It's not too much further than Carson, and I'm really only going to the gym on weekends.

4.  Saturday was Trinnie's son Vinny's 4th birthday party.  I showed up in my favorite chartreuse shirt wearing damn near every shade of MAC chartreuse eyeshadow I own on my lids, only to find that Trinnie was wearing a chartreuse and navy striped shirt, with a chartreuse smokey eye herself.  That's how we roll, baby!  Vinny proceeded to ask for "Uncoe [DH]" again, and I had to tell him that he was off being a soldier that day.  Erin is old hat, he only wants his uncoe these days.  DH needs to put in some quality time, as Vinny wouldn't even hug me the other day ("no thanks").  I'm convinced he's just upset DH hasn't been around lately.

5.  On the money front, I've been doing fairly well with my Etsy sales.  It's been decent enough that I could make a couple ends meet.  The month is not over yet though, so I'm doing all that I can to churn out more items.  DH told me the other day that if he doesn't get a job in the next two months and doesn't have a set/definite date for the academy, that he'll start applying to deploying units.  I think people overlook all of the positives that come with a deployment.  I have a coworker who's dreading hers, but at this stage in our lives, it would be a blessing.  To have consistent, reliable income, to have insurance for the family, to have DH doing something that he loves and wants to do, to give him that sense of purpose and fulfillment.  Yes, we'd definitely opt for a deployment right now.

Happy Monday everyone, I'm trying to make it a great day over here!


Trinnie S said...

Vinny definitely misses his Uncoe! It was partly my fault, Sat night, with his attitude...while all drugged up, I told him that Auntie Renin and "maybe" Uncoe were coming over...he missed the "maybe."

Vinny needs his uncoe time, that's for sure.

Kitty said...

Hiya Erin, I've been reading your blog lately but I don't understand all the acronyms! Military stuff is all over my head I'm afraid!

Erin said...

@Kitty - LOL, sorry about that! I'm sure the cultural difference doesn't help either!

DEP = Delayed Entry Program. This is what they call people like me, since I'm "waiting" to leave in May, versus leaving immediately for basic training.

BMT = Basic Military Training. This acronym is specific to the Air Force. Other branches call it other things.

BX = Base Exchange. The Target/Walmart-type store on Air Force Bases.

DH = My husband. :)

PT = Physical training.

PFC = Physical Fitness Center. What the gyms on military installations (at least Army and Air Force that I know of) are referred to.

Thanks, slap my wrists, I experienced acronym-overload this weekend and I should've known better!

K. Syrah said...

Were you comparing Peterson AFB PFC with Fort Carson (Army), CO? Cos, honestly, Air Force facilities are almost always, hands down, better, and the fact that it's a Texas post means that they get way more funding from the state.

Army gets the Air Force's cast offs when it comes to recreation.

Erin said...

@K. Syrah - Yes, I was. I figured as much, but some things (like the BX/PX) are consistent. Great PFC, I'm heading back today!

trooppetrie said...

so funny during my husbands last deployment he bought fancy underwear. Really it sounds similar to yours only in men's. he said the DR suggested it. i laughed