Thursday, March 17, 2011

Milspouse Friday Fill-In #34 + MilSpouse Weekly Roundup #28

Happy Friday, everyone!  I'm so excited that today (Friday) is the last day before spring break!  Check out Wifey's if you want to get involved with this weekly meme!

1.  What are some of your ideas for staying connected with family…you know, those people we moved thousands of miles away from?  submitted by Live it. Love it (or not). Write About It.  Nothing unique here - Facebook, email, phone calls, and seeing them whenever money/time permits.  Making an effort to go on our annual, family vacation to Mexico over Christmas break is another way we keep traditions alive.

2.  What’s the most romantic gift you have GIVEN?  submitted by Painting My Canva  Probably the stuff that I've given DH over the years.  I've made him scrapbooks of our first pictures, bought him the watch he wanted for our anniversary and had it engraved, had some dogtags stamped with a sweet message (that he wears with his regular ones), etc.

3.  Would you encourage your child, if they came to you and wanted to join the military?  submitted by Perfectly Imperfect  Of course!  Why would I try to squelch that dream, especially since I'm going through the process right now?

4.  What is your least favorite bill to pay and why?  submitted by A Little of This, A Little of That  Our Military Star card, because I don't feel like we're making any progress on it.  Hopefully as these few months progress, we can start making a bigger dent in our bills.

5.  What is the proudest moment you’ve had as a military spouse?  submitted by Our Okinawa Life  Probably seeing him graduate at BCT.  I hadn't seen him in ten weeks and we were getting married that day.  Seeing him in his uniform for the first day was exhilarating!  DH is an amazing Marine/soldier - his military bearing is beyond commendable and he's respected by his fellow soldiers.

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