Thursday, March 10, 2011

MilSpouse Friday Fill-In #33 + MilSpouse Weekly Roundup #27

It's a testing day for us today, so I'm going to be an early bird!  Grab these questions from Wifey and bring on the FRIDAY!

1.  During military separations (whether short or long) how do you keep yourself positive and motivated?  submitted by Married/Single Parent  I'm positive and motivated almost all of the time, so whether DH is here or not, it's not an issue.  I'm a busy, working woman, and I relish my downtime.  I kept busy during our last deployment by staying actively involved with my HOG chapter, volunteering with the FRG (I was the battalion treasurer and a key caller in two units), going dancing with Noelle, and doing my day job.  Add on my usual naps, mindless internet time, and my trashy TV, and you've got yourself a full schedule!  :)

2.  What is your favorite concert you have ever been to?  submitted by Young but Not (Completely) Dumb  I've been to a ton of shows and concerts, of differing genres and venues, so it's really hard to pick!  I went with some friends to see Dwight Yoakam at the House of Blues Sunset Strip a while back.  We were all in vintage western wear and so we were approached by a promoter and given VIP wristbands!  That was awesome and we got to meet members of the band, but not the man himself.  I heard (after the fact) that Vince Vaughn was at that show - it was a pretty good thing I never ran into him, otherwise it would've been embarassing for the rest of my group.  ;)  I'm also a huge fan of Stagecoach Festival, the country version of Coachella.  I attended the first two years when I was still out in California.  I've seen so many popular country artists out there, and the shows read like a Who's Who of country music.  I'd love to be able to go to Fan Fair sometime in Nashville!

3.  What do you miss most about your “hometown?"  submitted by A Florida Girl and Her Soldier  Really, not a whole lot.  I'm from Huntington Beach, CA, but when people ask where I'm from, I say Tustin, CA, which is where I lived with DH before he joined the Army.  It's only 15-20 minutes from where I grew up, and the feel of the town just fits me better.  I say I don't miss anything because there's nothing left to go back to.  My childhood home is not in our family, and my dad lives two counties away now, in a house I've only known as an adult.  The only thing I miss about HB is the diner where I worked for 9 years.  I could really go for some of that grub right now, not to mention a shake!  I make a mean shake!

4.  If you could run in any race, which charity would you choose to support?  submitted by Wookie & Co.  My charity of choice is Ovarian Cancer Research Fund, so I'd do a race that supported them.  Ovarian doesn't hardly get any attention in comparison to breast cancer, and ovarian cancer kills a higher percentage of people.  Military charities are my second baby, so if it's benefitting Wounded Warriors, Gold Star Families, Fisher House, I'd be up for those as well.

5.  You find out Willy Wonka is your father, what 3 course meal do you INSIST he create in that stick of gum?  submitted by A{muse}ing Mommy on a Pink Park Bench  Field greens with walnuts, strawberries, and raspberry vinagrette, followed by shrimp and scallops, topped with a chocolate lava cake and vanilla ice cream and strawberry glaze!  Yum!

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Haley Fletcher said...


You have made me want a field green salad with strawberries something awful (it's my favorite, too!)

Natalia said...

That stick of gum sounds delicious!

Erin said...

@Haley - Yay! It's GF!

@Natalia - Thanks, I tried to think of a combination that wouldn't taste nasty!

Holly Sandusky said...

Ohhh man, Chocolate Lava Cake. Yuummm! Good choice!

Erin said...

@Holly - Thanks for the follow! Yay for you at Whidbey, gorgeous!