Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Me on the Map: Fountain, CO

Michelle got this little linky together to help bloggers unite with new friends that are close by.  Michelle's a good bloggy friend of mine, so anything for her!

Where you at, boo?  Well, I'm in Fountain, CO!

Fountain, CO is not a large city by my standards, and probably not by yours either.  According to that wiki, Fountain only has 19,081 people in it.  I grew up in Huntington Beach, CA, which had 180k people.  The smallest place I've lived in before here has had 74k people, so this is a change for me.  Fountain is 10 miles south of Colorado Springs, and has a gate right onto Fort Carson, so your necessities are easily accessible.  Denver is about an hour away, with DIA being 1.5 hours away (for cheaper international flights).  Both Colorado Springs and Pueblo have regional airports, and COS is really nice and convenient.

How much of those people are military?  Probably a good percentage of them!  You may know about Fountain if you're in the Army and you've been stationed at Carson, since they're right next to each other and the school district in Fountain controls the on-post schools.

With the huge amount of military families that live here, housing is plentiful!  You want to buy a brand new house?  No problem.  You need a rental house?  Not an issue - tons of turnover!  Your dollar goes farther in Fountain when it comes to buying a house, and getting on post is a snap, making it very convenient for military families.  In general, Fountain is a lot cleaner as well, since it's a newer area.  It has a small town feel and comfort to it, especially for the non-military residents.  My family has lived out here for as long as I can remember, so if I were to name drop my uncle, a hug is sure to follow.

Our city was voted America's Millennium City in 1999 by the New York Times and the All-America City in 2002 by the National Civic League.

I spend a lot of time here - the post office!  There's one main road that goes through downtown Fountain, although there's not much "downtown" to Fountain.  It's a shame, really, since there's some cute old homes and storefronts that could stand to be remodeled.  The post office is really nice though, and you're in and out a lot faster than the one on post.

The railroad industry is significant here in Fountain, and the trains run all of the time.  If you get stuck behind one, you're screwed.  I love a good train whistle though!  This is a cute little caboose park in town!

The beauty of Fountain?  An unrestricted view of Pikes Peak for most homes!  I can walk out onto our back deck and get a clear shot.  It's absolutely beautiful and a wonderful way to start your day.

[Photos are not mine, and were all taken from Google Images.  If you own one of these and would like me to remove it, please ask!]


Michelle said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE! Thank you for linking up with me! I have to add your "heart" to my map! Fountain looks beautiful! I love your pictures and facts! I love that there's only one main road going through downtown. Pikes Peak looks gorgeous! I love that you can walk out on your deck and see! Thanks again for linking up! XOXO

Erin said...

Thank you! It is beautiful! It's a little dry right now, so I can't wait for everything to turn green. The main road through downtown has flags from all 50 states lining both sides. There's off-shoots to the road, it still has a "main drag" feel. Pikes peak is absolutely gorgeous and due to the hills and mesas in the area, you can see it from most everywhere.

Jenn W said...

that view is AMAZING !!

Michelle said...

PS Just grabbed your lovely new button :)

Lyndsay said...

Colorado is such a beautiful place. I've never been to this area, but the wide open spaces and gorgeous mountain views are such a big difference from the East Coast. I love visiting! :)

PS - Your blog is so cute!

hmb said...

I ate at the Applebee's in Fountain once. Exciting, I know!!

Erin said...

@Jenn - It totally is. You really can't beat Pikes Peak!

@Michelle - Thanks mama!

@Lyndsay - It's absolutely gorgeous out here. If you ever come out, you must visit Durango, Silverton, and Mesa Verde, for sure! thanks for the compliments!

@hmb - SO exciting! One of the very few sit-down restaurants around here! ;)

Michelle said...

I would kill for a view of Pike's Peak in my backyard!!! Beautiful!! I found you through the link up, and I am glad I did! I love your blog!!! Have a good Thursday!!

Lou said...

love fountain but its pretty crazy sometimes, I have some crazy stories for you hah. We definatley got to meet up when i am up there for good. so you teach at foutain or on base?

Erin said...

what a beautiful view... I've lived on such flat land my entire I just think mountains are wonderful! great post :)