Tuesday, March 15, 2011

EVERY day is miscellany day in my world!

Seriously, every day may as well be miscellany day in my world!  I feel like every time I'm posting it's a "catch up" post.

1.  Got my ring yesterday in the mail, and I'm not over the moon.  The picture made it appear to be a brushed finish and it's shiny.  I almost didn't believe it was real.  It looks like a lighter version of hematite.  For the low price, I can hang with the shiny metal, but the sizing is a concern.  Needless to say, I placed another order for a 1/2 size smaller, so I can compare.  It won't be replacing my real ring anytime soon, that's for sure!

2.  DH and I watched Morning Glory last night, which turned out to be a cute movie.  DH loves movie and snuggle time.  Throw in some Words With Friends, and he's a happy camper.  That shot most of our evening, but it was needed.  DH and I haven't had a lot of time lately to just relax together.  I'm hoping to make up for that over spring break.

3.  I'm almost done with my first week of the hundred pushups and two hundred situps programs!  I had to scale back to the second column in two hundred situps, since the 3rd column was proving to be too difficult for me.  Just as I scaled it back and psyched myself up - DH was even helping to hold my feet! - I pulled a muscle in my lower abdomen, in the upper ovary type region.  Ugh!  I went to bed after that, and didn't push myself.  It wasn't happening.

4.  What kinds of music do you listen to when you work out?  I listen to country most of the time, but I can't when I work out.  DH tried to motivate me with music last night, but kept picking Kenny Chesney, Alan Jackson, etc.  Um, nope!  Please cue up the 50 Cent, Mark Morrison, old Will Smith, Outkast, Lil' Jon, 2 Live Crew, Morris Day and the Time, etc.  What better than to work out to than "Shake a Little Something" or "Return of the Mack?"  Heck yes, baby.

5.  Please keep your fingers crossed, prayers, good ju-ju, and everything going for DH!  He's been doing a class for the Army (Active Duty pay, woot!), he's signed up for another next week, AND he was able to network yesterday with some biggies from his brigade (who were in from out of town).  He got to talking with one of them, and they asked to get his contact information for a potential position in AGR (Active Guard Reserve)!  That would be amazing for our family!  It would mean steady, active duty pay, BAH, Tricare Prime (and insurance, period), the works!  There's one big hurdle - he needs to get his promotion packet in soon.  His current unit has had some "issues" recently that I can't get into, that has stalled his packet (at no fault of DH's).  The folks from the brigade may be able to assist us, as they have a person who only handles promotions back in Utah.  Again, any positive thoughts for our family would be much appreciated.  He would be able to do it all (AGR, the academy, school), but it'll require some good time management skills and juggling.

6.  Happy dance with me!  We got a letter acknowledging DH's GI Bill payments yesterday!  The money is more than enough to cover his tuition, books, etc, which is fantastic.  Now all it has to do is show up!  ;)

Three more school days until spring break!  I can do this, I can do this!  *breathes into paper bag*


Kate said...

Sending prayers for your DH that everything works out! And when I work out I listen to a lot of Yellowcard, Paramore, and Nickelback. Sometimes I catch myself singing on the elliptical with my headphones in. And then I look around and people are staring at me.. haha

Sarah said...

YEAH! So glad you got the GI Bill going. WOOT WOOT!

Erin said...

@Kate - Thank you! I'm pretty good with not singing along, although I love watching others sing and dance! :)

@Sarah - Thanks! I have a question for you later, about something that was written in the letter.