Tuesday, March 15, 2011

DH's Deployment Anniversary Etsy Sale is LIVE!

If you've been following me for a little while, you know that I tried to do a sale at the beginning of this month.  Now that things are looking up, I've decided to go ahead with the sale as planned! 

Tomorrow marks the anniversary of DH's safe return from Afghanistan.  I know how blessed I am, to have my husband back, unharmed, alive, and in one piece.  I am aware of those who aren't as fortunate, and my heart goes out to them for their sacrifice.  Eleven months without my DH is a drop in the bucket, when you consider even only those Gold Star Wives who are visible in the blogiverse.  To hear their stories, their struggles, and their strength, visit Rachel, Caitlin, Chrissy, Allison, and Ashleigh.  

All of that being said, I'd like to give thanks for my husband by offering a 16% discount in my Etsy shop.  The code is HOME16 and it will only be up until I take it down on the 17th.  If you're interested in mid-century vintage or sewing, check out my shop!  Thanks to all of you for looking!

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