Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Thursday 5

This week can't end fast enough!  Yay for tomorrow being Thursday, our last day with students this week.  Head over to Nicole @ Flip Flops and Combat Boots if you want to participate!  This weeks words are:

Credit to J. Boone Pooler Photography

1.  I am excited about the fact that Noelle is coming to visit in nine days!  I have more cleaning to do, time to get on it!  We don't have any solidified plans yet, other than meandering around the Air Force Academy.  I've never seen the chapel in person, so I'm excited to finally get to do that.

2.  It would be delightful if DH could attend the Valentine's Day semi-formal dance with me on Saturday!  I had a good time at the last dance, so I'm looking forward to dressing up for this one and having a good time with Haywee!  They're feeding us BBQ before the dance and we get to grub on desserts during the dance.  Throw in a little Dougie for me and I'm a happy camper.  :)

3.  I am thankful that we finished our taxes yesterday and that we're getting back more money than expected.  I'm trying to think of a Colorado getaway that isn't too pricey and that would allow us to indulge in some nice meals or spa services.  Any ideas, folks?

4.  It would've been super if we'd had a snow day this morning, or the day before, but alas, nope!  Lie to you not, it was -16 on the way to school this morning.  I would've much rather been snuggling in bed with DH all morning.  It's been a very hectic week and I've been running around non-stop.  I'll be ready for the weekend.

5.  My body is going to be a lot more appreciative if I get off my lazy ass and start working out more often, especially my upper body.  My suggested physical fitness standard prior to leaving for BMT is 28 push-ups in two minutes.  I think I can do two - tops - right now.  Not good!  If I haven't told you already, I have the strength of a Tyrannosaurus Rex.  I'm all legs with wimpy arms.  Must get it in gear!


Nicole said...

I know nothing about Colorado...but now I want to go to a spa! LOL!

Noelle said...

haha. I love your all legs and wimpy arms comment. It made me think of "Rawr" (or however it's spelled) from the Toy Story movies. DH should be able to help you out with ideas on how to get better at doing more pushups.... but if not, I'll be happy to step in :)

Erin said...

@Nicole - We could totally use a couples massage!

@Noelle - I love Rex! Vinny assigned everyone their own Toy Story character and I requested Rex. DH has given me some pointers, I just need to actually follow through and do them every night!

Trinnie S said...

haha you're no longer "auntie renin..." you can be "auntie rex!"

Erin said...

I've always been Auntie Rex! :)