Thursday, February 24, 2011

Things Students Say Thursday #1 - Testing!

One of my favorite things that students say to me (on a regular basis) is:

"Mrs. C, you're wearing makeup!"

Now, this typically happens when I'm wearing something that's a little more pronounced, like red-tinged lip gloss or one of my chartreuse eyeshadows.  My students are high schoolers, just as an FYI, so we can't even blame it on their age.  My typical response is, "So-and-so, I wear makeup every day!"  I can talk makeup for hours, and I usually spare my students the full explanation of what I'm sporting on a daily basis, for the sake of instructional minutes.  You, blog readers, aren't so lucky!  Bwah ha ha!

My Daily Routine (I do not benefit financially from the links below)

Nope, not wearing any makeup!  


Taryn said...

Yeah uh ... my routine is like ... 5 or 6 steps TOPS. :P

Megan Dub-Yuh said...

Ha! I only wear eyeliner and moisturizer.

I love when I take my glasses off and the kids tell me "oh, Miss, you are much prettier with them off... you should get contacts." Not really sure if I should take this as a compliment or not.

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